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Sunday Mornin’ Coffee 12-30

Hey everyone, this week we try out the Taster’s Choice instant (singles).  It turned out to be a good cup of coffee and the price can not be beat.
We are introducing a new segment to the video and blog this week also.. 52 ways I’m shaving weight in my pack.  I need to come up with a better name for that… but I will be sharing the ways in which I am lightening the weight and volume of my pack in an effort to get to my target base weight of 16 lbs.  I think that is doable and if I get shave more.. well all the better.
This weeks weight saving came from ordering new stuff sacks from  I found it amazing how heavy my old stuff sacks are.  And now that I see how every ounce adds up, this order will make a big difference in my pack weight.
Enjoy the video, leave your comments, suggestions, and questions either here on the blog, at the YouTube Channel, or send me an email.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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Sunday Morning Coffee

Had an opportunity to get some gear hung out today, thought, I’d just get lazy and hang around in the hammock.
Yep, this is my Sunday…
Talking about gear and enjoying a good cup o’ joe.
Hey… I’m looking for some real good coffee for the trail.  Any suggestions?
Leave a comment or shoot an email.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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Rainy days and Sundays…

Well not exactly the title to that song.. but its raining here in the great NW and I want to get out and work with my new Hennessy Hammock.  My oldest son and I bought Hennessy Hammocks yesterday.  For those of you that went to Jambo.. you saw them there.  Hennessy Hammocks had a nice display set up all week.  There was even a Troop that used them for the entire Jamboree.  You can read about that here.  A replacement to our conventional tents and a great alternative when trying to leave no trace.  Hammocks leave absolutely no footprint, and with the tree huggers that are provided, there is no damage to the trees.
As with all my gear, I probably over research things and check as many reviews as possible to find just the right brand and type of gear.  We came to the conclusion that breaking into the world of Hammock Camping (a great addition to the Backpack), the Hennessy was the way to go.  We purchased the Hennessy Expedition.  My son bought the standard, velcro bottom entry, while I decided on the A-sym zip.  That is a full zipper entry into the hammock.  I like this style as it is more tent like and easier for my old body to get in and out of.. and it makes a great camp chair for lounging before its time to hit the rack.
Here are things that I really like about the hammock.  Keep in mind I have yet to sleep in it.. but all reviews say it is the best nights sleep you will ever have camping.  And consistent sleep too, the same hang every time, no matter where you are.  Anyway.  I like the no see’um mess bug net.  Totally encloses the hammock for a bug free zone.  I love that when you lay in it.. you are flat.  I was concerned that you would wake up looking like a banana.  I like the rain fly or canopy.  Light weight and plenty big.  I like that when you lay in the hammock there are no pressure points.  You can role and lay on your side, stomach, or back.. I like to kind of ball up when I sleep.  Couple my Big Agnes sleeping bag and the hammock, and I am looking at some great sleeping out in the woods.
My wife asked about what to if there are no trees.  Well up here, we don’t have that problem.  But even in central Oregon when we are Rock climbing, I can using climbing rigging to hang the hammock.. or put in on the ground like a tent, using my trekking poles to elevate the ends.
There is a built in ridge line inside the hammock for storage and it maintains the hammock’s shape as it hangs.  There is no drooping of the bug net or rain fly with the ridge line.
All in I am excited about getting out in the woods with it.  Yesterday we set it up in the backyard, but the rain started and I took it down, I did get to lay in it for a few minutes.  Enough to tease me into wanting more.
So today its raining (again)…  so we are tweeking the hammocks a bit.  The way it comes is good, but a few tweeks here and there make everything better.  For example.  The recommended set up is using the tree huggers and tying a series of knots to hang the hammock.  I modified the huggers using a carabiner and rappel rings.  I saw it online and it works great.  We also bought some 550 cord (paracord) to add an additional ridge line specifically for the rain fly.  This will allow us to hang the rain fly a little higher than designed.  I think this will be advantageous when dealing with condensation.
I will do a full review after I get a night sleep in it.  It will going into the pack for many nights of use stating at the April camp out with my Troop.
Today for #100daysofscouting..
I worked on my camping gear.
Shot out some emails, one to the Troop historian and a few others.
Talked on the phone with a Scouter from the Silver Beaver nominating committee (can’t tell).
Worked on the blog.
Recorded a new ad for PTC (excited about this one).

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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