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TurtleDog Hammock Stand

Here is a quick video of a DIY project I did today to solve a couple issues. First Camporee is always in a meadow… so I needed a way to hang my hammock that was light weight and portable. 2. When we camp in parks (state parks etc), there are not always trees in the designated camp areas to hang. This project is simple, quick, and solves those two issues.
I got the idea from hammockforums.net. A great resource for hammock camping.
The whole stand folds up and neatly fits in my truck. I have a 5 ft. bed and it fits perfectly in the back from corner to corner with room to spare. The total cost of the project was $56. I could have done it a little less expensive, but I went with the cedar 2X2s. They were the straighter pieces at home depot.
The total time spent working on the stand was 20 minutes. Total comfort while hanging… priceless.
If you have questions, please feel free to ask. Drop me a note, comment, or smoke signal.
Hope you enjoy the video.

Have a Great Scouting Day… I’m going to hang out in the hammock now. Continue reading

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