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  1. My biggest concern about this homosexual issue is a question of logistics… how do you decide who tents with whom? When do we run shower times? Youth protection requires us to have separate facilities for male and female (ventures) scouts/scouters. Is it fair to ask a ‘staright’ scout to tent with a ‘gay’ scout for visa-versa? Or do we put the gay scouts in one patrol…issue there also. Is it fair to openly subject adolescent boys to the pressure of defining their sexuality at a time in their development when they are so unsure of themselves? I do not pretend to have answers these questions, but I do ask of those nay- sayers to the Scouting Program if we are such bigots why do you want to join us? Our basic ideals are sound and our methods proven…copy them, create your own organizations maybe one day this can be worked out. We as Scouters need to focus on the Scouts; help them make informed decisions about who they are and what they want to accomplish…are their goals worthy and do they live up to the guiding principles we abided by…The Scout Oath and Scout Law?
    I agree Scouting needs to be a place where we demonstrate tolerance and not judge others by their beliefs but like an old country song said ‘you have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything’. Scouting is a tool…a tool that has been and should be used to better mankind. I know that Scouts make our live betters, help our communities grow, strengthen our nation, and bring the world closer in brotherhood. I pray that we can work these differences out before a 102 year old force for good is cast aside because two sides of any issue over sex could not find common ground.

    Thanks for this blog, I’ve been enjoying and have used some of the themes for my own Scoutmasters minutes…


    1. Chris, I won’t go to deeply into this as I feel it is a non issue.
      How do they do shower times at your local high school?
      What is your current sleeping plan in tents?
      Nothing changes. Everything that you are suggesting is behavioral and we treat them all the same.
      A Scout that not gay is expected to behave and live by the oath and law. That will be the same expectation of a gay scout.
      Why is it that people view a gays as predatory? I am not gay and have never been “hit on” by a gay guy. Is this a problem in most areas.. I live in Oregon where the gay life style is pretty normal or at least is very open.
      I just don’t see any of this as an issue.
      Here is the bottom line. We treat every one with respect. We hold everyone to the same standard. We expect everyone to live the Oath and Law.
      It’s that simple. If you are having troubles in your unit now, you will have troubles in your unit later. This is not about gay boys, its about treating everyone with respect and not allowing things to happen in your unit that you would not allow anyway.
      Thanks for the comment.. I appreciate it.


  2. Hi Jerry,
    I just read your article about “The Membership Discussion”
    In San Jose, Orange County, CA, , Houston TX and Fairfax Va , the Vietnamese Scouts under BSA and GS actually have multiple Scout Groups age from 7 to 20, each Group would have 2 Sub-Groups (Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venture), (Girl Scout-Brownie, Junior Cadet, Cadet) and our program is very successful with 12 different Scout Groups. In San Jose alone, we have 1300 Boy Scouts and 600 Girl Scouts.
    The youth starts Scouting at 7 and complete when they are 18, attrition rate from Cub Scout to Boy Scout is almost none and members for Venture Crew automatically come from Boy Scout Troop and the Girl Scout Troop.

    I was invited to speak at the BSA Annual Meeting in Orlando to talk about our Scout Group structure since we are one of the largest ethnic Scout Group in the country.

    Tuan Le
    Crew 216 Advisor
    San Jose, CA


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