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Guilt by association

“You can judge a man by the company he keeps”-Euripides Guilty as charged.  The company we keep, tan shirts, dedicated to being good Citizens, men of Character, and Fit. I have heard this saying all my life.  You are judged, … Continue reading

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To do my Duty…

During Scoutmaster conferences I often ask the Scout what the Scout Oath and Law mean to them.  In their own words what do the values and the promises found in the Oath and Law mean. It seems that, by and … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Camping pt. 2 Skills

Just as a recap… Cold weather camping is a High Risk activity that is challenging, fun, and rewarding for those that venture into the cold weather environment.  This type of camping takes discipline, skills, and a great attitude. Once leaders … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Camping 2015

Camping in the cold is adventurous and fun.  It poses challenges and requires more training to ensure a safe, fun time spent in the winter camping. I love cold weather camping, it is perhaps some of my favorite camping.  Since … Continue reading

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Map and Compass

Here is the Scoutmaster Minute that I gave to our Troop the other night… Hope you find it useful. As you travel on the trail to First Class Scout you find that there are many skills that you develop.  You … Continue reading

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Troop Leadership Corps

From 1972 to 1989 the Boy Scouts of America had a program called the Troop Leadership Corps.  This program was designed for Scouts 14-16 to serve their Troop in leadership roles.  They were not a member of a Patrol within … Continue reading

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The Membership Discussion

Lets talk about membership. We all know that we need members to keep Scouting alive.  There are many different angles and directions to answer the membership question.  I am not going to solve this issue in this post, rather, I … Continue reading

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