Trangia 27 series

Happy New Year!
I hope that every one is well and is gearing up for the new and exciting year that will be.  I am not a fan of resolutions.. but my 2017 Ticket is written and I am ready to work it for a successful year.
To start off the year, I am re tooling my cook kit for backpacking. In an effort to “practice what I preach” I am switching my alcohol stoves from the Blackcat stove to using nothing by my Trangia stove.
The Trangia switch addresses all of the BSA’s concerns about using Alcohol stoves and so I can use it and share that with the Scouts of the unit.. many already use the Trangia or one of the like stoves.
Here is a little video showing the set up and discussing why I am going with it.  Hope it is at least informative.

Thanks for reading and watching the blog.. let me know what you think.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. In our Troop we’ve been using the Trangia stove sets for over 25 years and think they’re great. They are light, robust (our sets from 25 years ago are still going strong!) and easy to use. You couldn’t want a better stove!


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    1. You bet Nick,
      The Trangia is a bomb proof set up. The issue in the United States is that the BSA is typically slow to come around. While I agree in Safety First, I also believe in doing your research and knowing what I am talking about before I make blanket statements (Which in the case of alcohol stoves the BSA was quick to shut down). I notice though that “Manufactured” stoves are now starting to find their way into the BSA conversation.
      The Trangia has a long history of success and speaks to the outdoor adventure.
      Not only do I love the stove, I love the story of the company and how they continue to develop for the best outdoor cooking experience.
      Thanks Nick for reminding us over on this side of the pond about how slow we are sometimes on the uptake. HAHA
      Happy New Year


  2. I have been using Trangia products for nearly 12 years now, I have the 27 and it has been through the mill and back, my scouts have used it and is a favorite with all the older scouts in my unit. I am a full believer in the alcohol stoves, I have several Swedish army kits with the Svea and Trangia burners. Like anything when it comes to fuel and camp stoves, training, training, training, and did I say Training.


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