concordtotranqI had a talk with a group of Scouts a week or so ago.  I asked them what they thought of Scouting and how their classmates viewed it.  My point was to illustrate that the “pressure” that they feel for being Scouts is no different than it was when I was I kid and a Scout.
They overwhelmingly feel that their classmates view them as nerds, geeks, or whatever the current term is for it.  At that I said that is awesome.  Look at it this way.
All of the movie stars started out as nerds.  They were in the drama club or acting class.  No one thought that was cool when I was in School.. now they are all over the spot light and people think they are the trend setters.  They make it on the cover of People Magazine and are all over TMZ.
Think about the stars that are topping the music charts.  Band geeks to say the least.  They played in the School Band or hung out in dark garages.  Then all of a sudden, they are pop stars and have millions of screaming fans.
What about the science nerds.  The guys and gals that hung out in the library or stayed after School to enter the Science fair.. yeah.. those uncool students have launched into space and circled the planet.  They are driving Mars rovers and finding a way that cars can drive themselves.  They are the reason we have cell phones that fit in our pockets and can function better than a 1990 main frame computer.
Speaking of computers.. how about that Steve Jobs weirdo.. he was the king of the nerds.  No one gave him the time of day.. not voted most likely to be cool in high School.  But every time we see that little apple we know a geek is behind it.
So just how bad is it to be a nerd?  The same as it ever was.  It is what we make of it.
Seems to me that they end up ok in the end. So if Scouting is nerdy, geeky, or un cool.. count me in.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Love it, Jerry. I read an article about 10 years ago that was talking about nerds. This made me remember one of the lines that really hit me: “Remember that weird nerdy kid from high school? He’s an internet millionaire now.” Funny thing is, I read the first part of that and immediately remembered two people. Then I read the second half and thought, “Probably so.”

    Anyways, great post and I’ll probably quote you in a SMM at some point in the near future.


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