Simple things

20161214_194806We teach our Scouts to focus on the little things and the big things will take care of themselves.  I have lived by that train of thought since I became a Sergeant in the Army.  Little things always add up.  And the other thing that I know for sure is that numbers never lie.
So lots of little things done well will add up to the big things being multiplied.
This theory of mine hit me full force this weekend as we were preparing for our December Court of Honor.  A group of us were putting together the recognition for the Scouts and we started looking at numbers.  We have never really been a “Numbers” driven Troop.  We have always believed that if we do the little things well we will have a great Troop.  We started a bead program to recognize the Scouts for the activities, service, training, and other great Scouting fun they participate in.  It has become a real hit within the unit.  It is a simple thing but makes a big difference.
When the tally was all final it reaffirmed my pride in the Scouts of our Troop. 1330 hours of service last year.  When we talk about the little things. that is a lot of little things that add up to a big impact in our community.  The big thing of teaching Character and Citizenship and Helping People at all times all are added up in that number.  While there are units that may have more or less, this is our number and I think it is fantastic.
Along with Service we added up our nights of camping and other out door activities.  Again this speaks to the greater part of our program.  If we are doing Scouting right, then participation will reflect a positive number.  We gave our Scouts an opportunity to camp 29 nights last year.  That would be 1131 nights of camping if 100% of our Scouts participated in every camp out.  We did not have 100% unfortunately.. however we did have a good percentage attended and we came out with 70% of our Scouts attending everything.  70% I am pretty happy with.. It could be a lot better.. but a number we can live with right now.  It is a little thing that tells us that our program is healthy.  It also caused us to look at the 30% of the Scouts that did not attend.  What we found was a group of Scouts that are growing older, are active in sports, choir, drama, and other activities away from Scouting.  In a year that produced more Eagle Scouts than any other year, we started seeing the decline in some of our Scouts being at Camp outs.  I can understand that.  So we will do better to plan around some of their activities and allow them opportunities to be active in Scouting.
We had a large crowd at the Court of Honor.  It was so nice to see the parents that are supportive of their Scout.  Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents, and family friends.  I was happy to see them as they saw all the little things added up.
We will continue to focus on the little things.. they take care of the program.
On a personal note.
I apologize for slowing down the blogging the last couple weeks.  It is December and as you can imagine, life as a UPS driver is a bit hectic this time of the year.  Long days and short nights have left me without a lot of time or energy to share my thoughts on the blog.
Thanks for sticking around.

Have a Great Scouting Day! 

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