ThanksgivingIt’s that time again to gather with friends and family and enjoy the fruits of our labor.  The one day a year that we take time and count our blessings.  We have much to be thankful for.  As I shared with the Scouts of our Troop on Monday night, no matter how bad we have it we still live in the greatest country of all.  It is still a land of opportunity and dreams.  It is the reason we are passionate about finding our vision.
This year I count my blessings and they are many.  I am thankful for my health, my family, and the Scouts that keep me learning, excited about our future, and keeping me young.
I am blessed to have the very best woman to share my life with.
I am blessed to have three amazing kids.. young adults, starting to make their way and find and follow their dreams.
I am blessed to have parents that are still here and are good models for lasting love and dedication to marriage.
I am thankful that I have things in my life that make life fun.  Friendships that are lasting.  The ability to love and be loved.
So this Thanksgiving.. Be blessed.  Count the blessings in your life.  For just one day, start a habit of being Thankful.
I wish for you on Thanksgiving many blessings and happiness.

For food, for raiment
For life, for opportunity
For friendship and fellowship
We thank thee, O Lord

Have a Great Thanksgiving! 

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