Building My High Performance Team

logoIn the Wood Badge program everything we do.. and I mean everything, is a model for what the Scouting program is supposed to look like.  From the way we dress to the way we strive to be a High Performance Team, the Wood Badge staff models success.
In this process of getting ready for “my” course I am tasked with putting together that high performance team in my staff.  A task that I learned, or am learning is of vital importance as I look down the road to August and the experience we are going to provide for those participants.  Get it wrong and it could lead to a bad experience for 56 Scouters that we truly want to go out and leave their mark.  Get it right and we will leave a legacy that will continue to have a ripple effect long into the future.
The Admin guide for Wood Badge is the standard set by the National Training committee for the conduct of Wood Badge courses.  It ensures that all Wood Badge courses Nation wide are delivering the course the same and that Wood Badge Course Directors are conducting the course in such a way as to grow the Wood Badge community and have that lasting impact in Scouting.  It sets forth guidelines so Council Training committees do not create Wood Badge empires and Critter cliques.  The Admin guide is a Model for Success.
Within the Admin guide and the course, Wood Badge stresses the importance of leveraging Diversity for successful team building.  The guide requires us to have 1/3 of our staff be first time staffers.  This creates a nature flow of new Scouters into the Wood Badge staffing community.  It forces Course Directors to go out and find those new folks that will be a part of the team.  The Course Director is also to look for the team to be diverse.  We know that diversity makes teams stronger.  Differing points of view, cultures, Scouting programs, and where they are from within the council are some of the diverse background that build a high performance team.  Note that I did not bring up race.  Yes that is certainly a part of diversity, but all to often it becomes the only lens that is looked through in the diversity discussion.  Race plays a roll in building that team, but we should not forget the many elements of a diverse team.
So through this process, I have made it a point to look at all of the elements of diversity in building our staff.
I have met with or know the men and women that will serve on the staff.  Removing bias or favorites.  I have maintained that 1/3 of the staff is new and that the staff is split 50/50 men and women.  One of my biggest criteria in building this team is how well they will get along and interact with one another.  We only have so much time together and I wanted models for success right out of the gate.. or at least the 90% fix when they meet together for the first time.
Building our team is important.  It is the foundation of the success of the course.  These 20 or so people will be the model for everything that is right about Wood Badge and Scouting.  I feel we nailed it with this group.
Just like what we want to see in our Troops, each Patrol being the model of Scouting, the staff will give a look of that for the participants to take back to their units.  When we do that, we live up to the ultimate goal of Wood Badge.. to make units Better!

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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