And I’m going to work my ticket if I can…

calmticketThose of us that have been to Wood Badge, and those that have been around to hear a group of Wood Badgers sing the Gilwell song have heard the refrain “and I’m going to work my ticket if I can..”
What the heck does that mean?
Well, there is not a real simple answer other than to explain what the ticket is and the attitude of all Scouts and Scouters.. WHOA!.. All Scouts and Scouters???  Yes.. from a very early age in Scouting we pledge to “Do our Best”  To give it a 100%.. the “it” is whatever we find ourselves doing.  So to work the ticket if I can.. well, we suggest to one another that we will do our best to work the ticket that we write while in Wood Badge.
The Ticket.
The readers digest version of the ticket is this; British soldiers would have to purchase their tickets back to England at the end of their service.  This was a real big deal when the soldier found himself in India, Africa, or other far away places that the British Empire sent their Army.  So the soldier would request assignments closer and closer to home.  This became a goal of the soldier to make his way back to England.
Baden Powell used the “Ticket” as an analogy for setting goals and accomplishing them, thus leaving a lasting legacy in Scouting.
Wood Badge has adopted the Ticket as part of the program since the beginning.  The ticket is the way to move the participant to seeing his or her vision to reality.
So when we work our ticket we are working our goals that get us to accomplishing our mission which eventually see’s our vision to something that is very real.
Doing our Best to leave a Legacy in Scouting and our world.
So we are going to work our tickets if we can!
Another fantastic Tradition of Wood Badge and Scouting!

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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