Scout Book

In February of 2014 I wrote a review of Scout Book.  At the time, a pretty new system for recording Scout Data for your unit.  In that post I was given the opportunity to give away a couple subscriptions to Scout Book.
I was also given a free year for my unit, which we never used as our unit decided to stay with Troopmaster.
Since February of 2014, I have received more emails about Scout Book than of any other subject I have blogged about.  That’s great and I hope that I have been able to answer the questions and give some advice along the way.
Here is the number One question:  Do you have any more free subscriptions to give away?
The answer is No I do not… thanks for asking.
The Boy Scouts of America has adopted Scout Book now and the program is officially the property of the Boy Scouts of America.  When it was new it was independently owned and when they reached out to me they wanted a review.  They offered the free subscriptions as part of a promotion for Scout Book.  I am sorry if I don’t have any more.. that’s up the BSA now.
So if you are interested in Scout Book.. check out the Scout Book site and let me know what you think.
Thanks for all the emails and all the great questions.  I wish I had more to give.. but it is what it is.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

One comment

  1. Scoutbook offers a free trial. We use it for our Cub Scout Pack and it’s excellent. We loaded our roster in from a CSV file (saved from an Excel spreadsheet) and then were off to the races. Tracking Scout advancement and leader training are the core strengths.
    I’ve personally used it as advancement chair, Den Leader and Cubmaster and think it’s great in all those capacities. We don’t quite yet use it for meeting management and forum posts, etc. but we may grow into that functionality. Our only possible complaint is that sometimes their servers are a little unresponsive, but they remedy it quickly and are very approachable if you have any technical difficulties. I give them an A+


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