img_2859As this new Journey begins I thought it was time for a new look.. a fresh start.. that feeling you have when you change your socks before a long hike, you know, it feels warm on your feet, clean, and cozy.
With my renewed sense of enthusiasm, focused direction, and vision for the next 24 months or so I felt the need to clean up the blog and step off on the journey fresh.
In the header picture I put a saying that has become somewhat of a mantra in our Wood Badge circles.. “The Journey is the Thing!”.  It is not about the “stuff” or the little things that bog us down, it is about the experience of our journey.  On the Wood Badge course, in our Troops, and in our lives it is all about the journey.
We set benchmarks and way points that help us find our way or create places where we stop and reflect.  At those points we create and share memories and bookmarks of our journey.. but it is always about the journey.
Too many times we rush to an end only to find.. the end.  What is next?  We see that in our Scouts.  They race to achieve a rank or merit badge, but then what?  What did we learn, what did we accomplish, who did we effect, what was the legacy that will looked back on?  Did we do the “Thing” just to do the “thing”?  Or was there something more important that we may have missed.  We we look at the journey we see a greater vision of were we want to go, what we want to look like, what our legacy will be.  We can chart a course to making our time on life’s trail worth walking.
Now, I don’t want to sound to lofty or like I am making an attempt at being the next guru.. but I am suggesting that we take a closer look at our journey and understand that while we fill our lives with “things” or “Stuff”.. in the end the things and stuff will only become snap shots along the way of the journey.. mostly forgotten when it gets replaced with the next “thing” or collection of “stuff”.
The journey is the thing.  It is important that we do not loose focus on the importance of having a life that is legacy driven and more meaningful.
Don’t run out and get rid of your stuff… make them a meaningful part of the journey.
Look at the trail you find yourself on and ask yourself is the Journey the thing?  If not, what can I do to change that?
Your vision is powerful and will be life changing for you and those around you.  Make sure to be laser focused on the Journey.  It is the thing.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Do you have all your staff? I have a leader that did wood badge in WA and was going to help staff it before he moved down here. If interested in meeting him, let me know and I will put him in contact with you. Ps he’s big on hammocks.

    Kevin Christensen



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