I’m Back

readywaveAfter about a year off.. The Blog is back!.. Now I don’t expect you all to jump up and down and praise the Scouting gods. And.. I’m not going to give a long explanation as to why I took some much needed time away.. lets just say.. The blog was not a priority lately.
So here is what is going on…
First. Life is good.. Life is REAL Good!
Second. Over the past year we have been launching a program within my unit and within the Cascade Pacific Council called Vertical Scouting. I will post more about this later.. but it is a fantastic way of growing units, keeping youth in Scouting longer, and promoting the full spectrum of Scouting programs. It is working well and being received well within the Council. More on that later.
And Third. Wood Badge! I staffed again this summer. Assistant Scoutmaster for Program for W1-492-16-1. It was a week long course, the first time our Council has done a week long course in many years. That took a lot of time and energy.. but it was fantastic. At the end of the Course it was announced that I will be a Course Director for Wood Badge in 2017. I have know this for some time, but have not been able to share that information till now. And so this journey begins.
This is where the Blog is going to kick off.
The blog.. for the most part for the next year is going to focus on the journey that is W1-492-17-2.. my course!
Needless to say, I am excited and humbled that I have been chosen. This is a big thing for me. I love the Wood Badge program and understand the lasting impact it has in the Scouting world.. in the real world also for that matter.
So.. I’m back. You can expect frequent posts and yep.. more video also as I share this new chapter in my life.
Thanks for hanging in there. I notice that even though I stopped.. you all didn’t. Subscriptions continued to come it. I am thankful of each and everyone of you that read the blog.
I am sorry if I disappointed you by shutting it down for a bit. Truly I am.

Thanks again!
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. I’ve been missing you, wondered what happened. I’m helping with venturing Cedar Badge next year. Its a new adventure for me. I’ve been with the boy scouts, excited for venturing.


  2. Awesome to hear about your newest journey Jerry. I’m sure the hiatus was a necessity, as it sounds like you have certainly been very busy doing wonderful things for youth. Great to see you back. Look forward to your wisdom. All the very best my friend.

    Much love. Much kindness. Much respect.
    Here’s to YOUR new ventures!


  3. Welcome back and congratulations on W1-492-17-2! I look forward to hearing about your journey and learning from your insights as you prepare for your course.


  4. Thanks all..
    It feels good to be back. Now I need to get back to writing. It is times like these are inspire and motivate. This coming 24 months are going to be special and not without its share of inspiration.
    Glad I have this platform to share it wit you.
    Oh and thanks Lou.. you are an inspiration to me…. I have room on the kitchen staff for you.. lol.


  5. There are little things in life that helps to ‘center us’, and one of those was your blog. I am feeling more fulfilled now! Glad you are back


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