A super busy Weekend

febhoodHere’s the recap:
First,  Friday night the Troop headed to the CPC’s winter lodge for a great night of fun.  We stayed the night at the lodge and on Saturday morning ventured out to White River for a night in the snow.
Once we got the Troop over to White River I had to get off the mountain to meet my wife and pick up our new RV travel trailer.  We got it home and then it was time to change and head to Pack 717’s Blue and Gold dinner.  I was invited for two reasons, first to speak about Friends of Scouting and launch their campaign.  And second, I was there to greet 8 young Scouts as they crossed from Cub Scouts into our Troop.  The Blue and Gold went long, but it was a very nice evening.
After the Blue and Gold, I changed back into my cold weather gear and headed back to White River up on Mt. Hood and met up with the Troop (camping already in progress).
I got my hammock set up and fell into a deep sleep.
We woke up this morning to a beautiful view of Mt. Hood, packed and headed home.
Final part of the weekend was taking my lovely wife out to dinner to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary.  I am blessed.
Thanks for hanging with the blog!
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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