A quick word about the ads that are in the sidebar of the blog.
I have had a few questions asking about the ads in the sidebar of the blog… well.. not so much questions, but concerns that I am monetizing the blog or making a profit off of it. Well, rest assured I am not making money on this blog..
I reached out to the three companies that I have ads for., Tatogear, and Solostove.  ClassB and Tatogear are companies owned and operated by Scouters.  Solo Stove is a product that I whole heartily endorse.   While I have received products from all three, I am not making money on them.  I do have a affiliate account with Solo Stove, but the truth is I can not access it and so have not seen any payment from them is over a year.  When I was getting my percentage from the “Click throughs” I was buying stoves to give away.
I do not want the blog to turn into a bulletin board.. but I am willing to endorse and place ads on the blog.  If you have a company that does Scouting related business and gear.. I would entertain placing, testing, reviewing, and endorsing you and your company or product.
No, I am not monetizing my blog or YouTube channel.
By the way.. like, subscribe, and share the blog, youtube channel, and facebook site.  Also follow me on Twitter.. always looking for ways to connect.
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. I think you should monetize your blog. I have mostly lurked reading, but you put a lot of time into your blog. Just because you would make some money doesn’t mean you are going to be a corporate shill or you are going to change your priorities. In fact monetizing could help you double down on creating useful content, and helping others because money is a good motivator. Getting some money can help in those times when you are down and just don’t want to create content, but know you should, it adds that tiny bit of extra motivation. Then when you are up it is nice because it feels like an extra thank you from your audience.

    If nothing else you should get some affiliate sales off of anything bought to help pay for hosting and other services. It is ridiculous that others feel entitled to your time, effort and money, and that it should all be free to them. That is what emails and queries concerned about you monetizing really are, whether they say so or not.


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