5 Tips for Recruiting

We are now in the heart of recruiting season in Scouting.  Actually all year is recruiting season for Scouting, there are no set guidelines as to when your unit brings new Scouts on board.. all year long is the best time to introduce boys to Scouting.
But now that School is back in session and our Scouts are seeing their friends again and playing after school it’s about time to get busy recruiting.
So here are five tips to making your recruiting season effective.
1.  When out there doing product sales like Popcorn, don’t sell popcorn, sell Scouting and leave an informative flyer with your prospective customer.  The flyer can be a simple outline of your units program and some highlights from years past.
2.  Get out in the public.  March in a parade, participate in the community fall festival. While you’re out there hand out invitations to join Scouting.  Be personal with your contact and seek prospects.
3.  Hold an open house.  Show off your patrols or your Pack.  Have lots of hands on things to do and a simple slide show of all the fun you have had as a unit.  Have lots of applications on hand and don’t let the applications walk out.  Even if they fill it out and don’t come back, you have their contact information for a follow up.
4.  Make invitation cards and have the Scouts hand them out to their friends.  A party like invite is more personal than a flyer and may just be that invite that makes a difference.
5.  And finally, the best recruiting tip I can suggest.  Get Den Chiefs in local Cub Scout Packs.  These young men are your best recruiters.  They are the first line when working with and making an impression on Webelos that are readying themselves for entry in a Scout Troop.  Den Chiefs are a great example of what Scouting and your unit is all about.  They tell the story of your Troop.  They have contact with the parents of the Den, those parents get to see a young man practicing leadership and living the Oath and Law while teach and coaching a Webelos Scout.
So there are five quick tips to help you get the most out of this years “Recruiting season”.  Every young man deserves an opportunity to be in Scouting.  So every young man needs to be invited to join your unit!
Give those a shot and see how it works for you.
Use this link to find some cool resource materials for your invitations, flyers, and posters for the open house.
Let us know what your best practice for recruiting is.  Leave a comment here and share what makes your unit successful in recruiting.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

One comment

  1. Hi Jerry – I’m running behind, but great article. One of the things we do every September is a Pin Clinic for first year Webelos where we (up until this year) taught 4 complete activity pins. As one parent commented a few years ago, “My wife called and asked how things were going, and I said, ‘The Scouts are doing all the teaching. The adults are just standing around!'” Music to my ears.

    This year we weren’t able to teach 4 complete, but they finished one and got the majority of three others.

    The PLC usually assigns a few Scouts to make some Dutch Oven desserts to go with lunch. This shows the Webelos and parents that you can eat well on campouts and the fact that the Scouts made them impresses the visitors.

    Benefits are:
    – We get in front of the Webelos and their parents who get to see that we are Scout-led;
    – The Den Leader has a chunk of their work knocked out for them;
    – Our Scouts gain an appreciation for herding cats which (usually) makes them pay better attention when receiving instructions from the PLC;
    – We develop a database of potential recruits for the following year.

    In April, we have a campout at a nearby park and invite the Webelos to come camp with us, giving us more exposure to them and them to us.

    In late October, we have an Open House where we invite second year Webelos to visit. The Scouts keep the Webelos occupied and we talk to the parents and, while we encourage them to join our Troop, we also point out that all Troops are different and the important thing is to join a Troop. In honesty, we usually narrow down the Packs we invite to this, based on how much growth we can handle that year and how much interest they have shown in our Troop.

    Have a great one.



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