Knowledge to action

scoutingvaluesThere are those times as a Scoutmaster that leave you inspired.  The other night I had one of those moments as I began to share my Scoutmaster minute with the Troop.  Like most Troops, we have young men that make up the membership of the unit.  Ranging from 10 1/2 to 17 these young men tend to be exactly what we want them to be… boys.
We all know that at times boys do not always think before they act and they certainly allow emotion to over rule logic.  And so it is when working with boys.  As much as I hate the saying “boys will be boys”.. boys will be boys.  There is nothing at all wrong with that, as long as Adults are Adults and work to being good teachers, coaches and mentors to the boys.
So the Scoutmaster minute this week was addressing some issues that came up, nothing earth shattering, but boys heading down a trail that would not lead them to positive outcomes.  Heading them off now will save lots of grief later.  It comes down to, like most things in Scouting and life, living the Oath and Law.
And so I explained to the Troop that we make a promise to live the Scout Law in our daily lives.  Yes, they know that.  So I asked the question, “what is the Scout Law?”  The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader spoke up with, “A Scout is…”  I cut him off.. yes.. yes.. we all know the 16 words that make up the Scout law.. but what is the Law?  Really, its just a bunch of words that we commit to memory and rattle off each meeting.. but why do we need a Scout law and why bother saying it?  A young Scout chimed in, “It is how we should live”.  Yes, I said.. but what are those twelve words that make up the law?  They are values that we should be living every day.  So what are values I asked?  One of the Scouts from the new Scout Patrol spoke up.  He said that Values are things that you think are precious.
We do hold those things as precious that we believe in and act upon.  We protect and maintain things that are precious to us.  Our families, our nice car, our collections, and our relationships.  We value all of those things and we live good values that we have been taught.
So now we need to take our knowledge, those things that we know like the Scout Oath and Law and translate those values in action.  We will do that when we determine that the values found in the Scout law are precious.
We will be more friendly, we will be more trustworthy by giving those that are around us a reason to trust us.  We will be more obedient and cheerful because we know that those values make a difference in the lives of those that we make contact with every day.
The Scout Law is something that is precious to us.  It drives us to turn that knowledge into action.  When we do that we will change our attitudes and truly begin to view one another as precious.  That will compel us to serve them from the heart, not the head.
When things start needing redirection and attitudes need to be checked, coming back to the Scout Law is always a great idea.  Who knows, you may even hear from the one that you least expect a gem that places it all in perspective.  That discussion has the power to change the lives of members of our Troop.  In turn, we can make a big difference everywhere.
Turn that knowledge into Action!

Have a Great Scouting Day!

print used in this post by Joseph Csatari

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