Doing your Good Turn

daretodoAt the Wednesday show at the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) the National Chief rolled out a social media blitz.  Staying with the theme “It Starts with Us”, the National Chief challenged.. no Dared each person in the Breslin Arena to remember that to change the world we must first love one another.  With that love comes serving those that we love.  The social media part of this dare is simply that once an act of service no matter how big or small is completed we post it to social media, Twitter, Facebook, whatever using the hashtag #DAREtoDO.
Immediately this drew the raising of eyebrows from many.  A good turn should not be something that need be announced.  It is something that is between the server and those being served, right.  Baden Powell himself instructed us not to boast about our Good Deeds.  And I agree.. Except for the fact that I understand why the National Chief and the Order of the Arrow is promoting this.  A simple act of posting our good deed to social media may be that inspiration that will get others to do the same.  The act of service is what is important.  That act of doing to someone else that which we would like done to us, the fact that what we do may impact the life of someone else in a positive way will make our world a better place.
I could not help but think that if the 15,000 of us in that arena went from there and did one good deed the next day that would be 15,000 lives impacted.  If that person then did a good deed the next day, coupled with our 15,000 now that is 30,000 lacts of love..and so on every day.  I relate that to the town I live in. given these numbers, it would only take a week till everyone in town was serving one another.
The National Chief asked that we #DAREtoDO for 100 days.  This would make it a habit.  It takes about 21 days to form a habit.  In 100 days our 15,000 alone will have touched 1,500,000 lives with the same amount of acts of service.  Yes, I get that we should not boast and brag.. but how about spread the word to motivate?  To me this is a great idea.  The Scouts we have in our units today are connected via social media.  Using this hashtag is a way that they can connect and challenge one another.  We need to use all of the tools that we can to spread the word.
The theme “It starts with Us” is a challenge to each of us to remember our great past and look to the next 100 years.  As National Chief Alex Call said at the Wednesday night show “Each day, opportunities to demonstrate unselfish service present themselves,” Alex told the conference. “A classmate who sits alone on the school bus, hoping that someone will strike up a conversation. A co-worker who stays late every night, wishing they could make their daughter’s soccer game instead of an extra shift. A homeless teenager who stands at the street corner during your daily commute, looking for a warm meal – or even just a warm smile. With just a few words and a few minutes of our time, we can live out the admonition of the OA through everyday acts of service.” these simple acts can and will change the world.. but only if we embrace the idea and truly live the admonition.  The choice is ours.
Many will think that this is impossible, the world does not want change.. but it needs it.  Others will say that our acts will not be enough, that may be true, but it’s something and if we are not at the head of the change who will be?
Governments,Corporations, and even the Churches have not been able to make a difference.. so what about Scouts.  There are 162 Nations that are members of the World Organization of the Scouting Movement.  These members all believe in the Scout Oath and Law and understand the value of the Good Deed.  25 million adults and youth wear the Scouting uniform and make an oath to live these values.  So now think back to our 15,000 at the NOAC that stood when the National Chief called us to the task.  25 million people all serving to make a difference.  That my friends can change the world.  Hashtag or not.. it can make a difference.
SO… here is the Scoutmaster Minute challenge to all of you.  Embrace the National Chiefs call to service.  Whether you post if or not do a good turn everyday.  Those opportunities are out there and they need you to serve.
I have been posting my #DAREtoDO acts everyday since the Wednesday show at NOAC.  The opportunities big and small are all around us, I have had no trouble being of service everyday.  The smiles on the faces the looks of people that take notice, they are priceless.  I would like to think that these people go and pay it forward to someone else.  I hope that what I do makes a difference and causes them to change too.
I know that some will say that this is all hype.. and so what if it is.  Do you like the world as it is.  If you can make a difference in just one life everyday.. if you can do just one thing for your hometown each day, if we can spread this movement to all 25 million Scouts and Scouters we can change attitudes, lives, and live the Admonition of the Order of the Arrow seeing it to reality.  It really can work.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

From the OA website:
#DareToDo has a website,, as well as social accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These accounts will highlight acts of service posted using the hashtag and the website includes an interactive map to see the spread of the movement across the world. Arrowmen and their friends are encouraged to follow these accounts for inspiration and to encourage others participating in #DareToDo.


  1. In 1963, I was told that a Scoutmaster may ask a Scout if he did a good turn, but the Scoutmaster has no business asking what that good turn was. We tied a slip knot at the bottom of our Troop Neckerchief as a reminder to do that good turn.

    I agree with re-emphasizing to Scouts and leaders to do that good turn daily, but posting it on the internet? Does he not see what is wrong with that? This is what we get for leadership today.


    1. Whats wrong with most of the adults today is that they are out of touch with the youth of today. They think that what worked for them must work today.
      The kids today are smart, connected, and believe it or not have a good sense of right and wrong.
      They define things a bit different than we do.. for example John Wayne is not necessarily the model of manliness. Caring and showing more empathy are a part of the way they define their world.
      So, if using a tool such as the internet, a smart phone, or other means to share.. it is not wrong.
      I think the National leader is more in touch with today’s youth.. why.. I think they listen. We may want to follow that lead.
      Thanks for your comments.


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