Centuries of Service

This year for the third time in the history of the Order of the Arrow a patch may be worn on the Sash.  This patch represents the Centuries of Service Award available for all Arrowmen to earn this year.  The program started in July of 2014 and will conclude in December of 2015.
The requirements allow for the Arrowmen, both Youth and Adult to serve in three areas.  Personal Growth, Scout Service, and 100th Anniversary Events.
As stated, this is the third time in the history of the Order of the Arrow that a program such as this and allowing a patch to be permanently attached to the sash.
oa_50th_ann_awardThe first award or special patch was for the Orders 50th Anniversary.  In 1965.award encouraged Arrowmen to participate fully within their Lodges.  The culminating event that year was the National Order of the Arrow Conference at the Indiana University.  The theme for that year was “Mindful of our High Tradition”.

The Second time a patch was authorized for wear on the sash was in 1975 for the Orders 60th Anniversary.
The celebration of the 60th Anniversary was, in keeping with the tradition set ten years earlier in the 50th Anniversary celebration a National event.  Because of timing of this celebration, the Order coupled its event with the upcoming Bicentennial of the Nation the following year.  The requirements for the 60th Award included An 60annpatchArrowman’s Personal Development; Bicentennial Involvement; and Unit, Lodge, or Council Involvement. All requirements were outlined on an official scorecard, and were to be completed between September 1, 1975 and June 14, 1977.
Image-898 OA 75th Anniversary AwardThe Order of the Arrow tried something a bit different for the 75th Anniversary.  Instead of a patch to be worn on the sash, the OA made a pocket dangle.  The award was a Red and White ribbon with a Turtle superimposed over an arrow.  The Turtle being the original symbol of the Order of the Arrow and still the totem for the Unami Lodge #1.  The award was worn from the right pocket.  Again the requirements for the award focused on three central themes; the Individual Challenge, the Lodge Challenge, and the Rededication Ceremony.
So here we are celebrating our 100th Anniversary as Scouting’s Honor Society.  Three themes lead us to serving.  Our dedication to serve over a Century as an Order.  Again we encourage all Arrowmen to celebrate and earn this award.  These themes will drive the Arrowmen (Youth and Adult) to serve their Lodge, Council, and Units as well as grow as an Arrowmen.
100cosIf you have not already done so you can download the applications, one for Adults and one for Youth.
Once you have completed the requirements (a scout is Trustworthy) turn the application into your advisor and show that you have joined in the celebration and you are proud of the tradition of service of an Arrowmen.
Again The purpose of the Arrowman Service Award (ASA) is to encourage Arrowmen to recommit themselves to the ideals of the Order, increase their level of service to their local unit and council, and participate in the 100th anniversary celebration of the OA.  It’s already on my sash… celebrate this historic event and show that you are a Leader in Service!
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Having earned the 50th award as a youth (age 15), and have worn it on my sash since then. I understand there were approximately 26,000 awarded nationwide in 1965. At age 65 I’m now working on the requirements for the 100th anniversary award, and wonder how many scouts/scouters will be able to have earned both awards.


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