Wood Badge Wednesday- The Woggle

I am the assistant Scribe for Wood Badge Course W1-492-15.  This is my third time staffing Wood Badge and I am super excited to once again have the opportunity to help the participants get the very most out of their Wood Badge experience.
Our Course Director thought it would be a fantastic idea to communicate to the participants well before course beyond the 300px-Wood_Badge_&_Woggleregular mailings, reminders, and lists that go out prior to the June course.  In the past we have used sites like My Family to host communication, but this year it was determined that Facebook was a good platform to get that communication out, not just to participants but staff also.
The Scribe team was asked, as is in our job description to begin that communication.  Part of that is sending out tid bits about Wood Badge that will get the participants ready and excited about getting on course. That task is assigned to me and I gladly accepted.
So, stolen from the pages of the internet.. or at least the title from Bryan on Scouting’s Blog... Wood Badge Wednesday was born.
Then I thought.. heck this stuff is good… I should share it on my blog.
Now, before you think I am just cutting and pasting from other sources.. I am writing all of this.  Yep, I am learning and using material that is out there.  After all Wood Badge is not new and so there is a lot of information out there that warrants me not having to rediscover the wheel.  But credit is given where credit is due.
So here is today’s Wood Badge Wednesday!
What the heck is a Woggle?
Once again we are going to introduce you to a little Wood Badge Tradition.. all a part of the magic that is Gilwell.
Part of the Wood Badge regalia is the Wood Badge Woggle. A Woggle is the traditional term for a Neckerchief slide.
You see back in the Wood Badge courses infancy, then camp chief Francis Gidney, was aware that most people were not that great at wood carving, so he had the participants tie a Turks head knot. This two strand Turks head was there after presented to participants that completed their Wood Badge course. The two strand leather woggle is the official woggle of Wood Badge and is not found or presented in any other Scouting activity.
The earliest reference we can find of the “Woggle” is in the 1923 14th edition of Scouting for Boys by Baden Powell were he writes “it [the scarf] may be fastened at the throat by a knot or woggle, which is some form of ring made of cord, metal or bone, or anything you like”.”
An interesting fact is the the Neckerchief slide grew in popularity here in America. English Scouts typically just tied their scarves or neckers with a knot. A Scouter named Bill Schankley, a young man from Australia working at Gilwell Park who was responsible for developing camping equipment. He was aware of the tradition of the neckerchief slides in America and decided to develop something for Gilwell. It was his introduction of the turks head knot to Gidney that became the Wood Badge Woggle.
So you can see, this fine tradition truly embodies the finest of the World Brotherhood of Scouting. And American idea, developed buy an Australian, adopted in England, and spread throughout the World in Wood Badge.
Wood Badgers from every Nation wears the same two strand Turks head fashioned from leather as part of their Wood Badge regalia. Well… how cool is that?
That’s your Wood Badge Wednesday.. Hope you are getting excited for your course.. Your staff is!
Have A Great Scouting Day!

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