Your Camp Stool

Here is a short video talking about just sitting around.  An often overlooked piece of gear that is in the category of a “Luxury item” is the camp stool.  Go without it and you sacrifice a bit of comfort on your next outing.
Yes, you may have to take a weight penalty if you are keeping track of your pack weight, but in the end, having a stool or chair to hang around camp on will make the difference.
Sorry about the focus on the video… but you don’t need to see my forehead anyway…  This video is all about your backside.
My go to seat right now is the Grand trunk Stool.
It is 22 oz made of aluminum with a nylon seat.  It is compact and light and very comfortable to sit on.  They added a little storage area, which I find real nice when cooking.  A nice place to set things other than your lap.  I highly recommend this stool.  It will hold up to 250 lbs, not that I will ever get that heavy, but it’s nice to know that it will not break under me.

Let me know what you sit on while camping?
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. I use a small square of Closed Cell Foam, just large enough for me to sit cross legged on. Keeps my pants dry, and also doubles as a semi-clean spot to stand when getting in and out of my hammock without shoes.


  2. For 25 years, I have used an old crazy creek model chair that my 3/4 body length sized thermarest fits inside. It rolls up with the thermarest and protects the thermarest from puncture while on the backpack. I also use it when in an inflatable raft as a comfortable seat for rowing. I do most of my cooking while sitting on the ground in this chair. it is very relaxing to lean back in and other scouts that tried it liked it quite a bit. My son has a lighter weight thermarest treker chair, but the thermarest pad cannot be rolled up inside it so it takes a bit longer to setup and take down.

    When cross country skiing, I like to have the closed cell foam pad to sit on.


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