Ask the Scout Executive

>#100DaysofScouting -100 Days of ScoutingOver my many years as a Scouter both at the Cub Scout level and the Boy Scout level, I have often heard folks grip about one thing or another when it comes to our paid Scouters.  I have sat in “town hall” or fire side chats with Scout Executives and other paid Scouters and bar none, they always become sessions that are filled with finger-pointing and questions that put the Scout Executive on the hot seat.  Some times deserved, but often times, just a forum to let them have it.
I have a pretty good relationship with our Scout Executive and see eye to eye with him on many issues that effect our Council.
So here you go… if you could sit with a Scout Executive, what would you ask?
List your questions in the comment section and I will do my best to get answers for you.
Note… this is not just for my local council.. I am sure that issues are pretty much the same all over.
So what do you want to know from the top?
Maybe if this works, we will head to Irving for the next round.
And go…

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. The great thing that you already know is, our Scout Exec is great. I don’t have those hard questions to ask him, because I get those answered by those around him. I get to talk to our SE about Scouting, the Program and how to have fun.

    When I do have to ask him a hard question, I get it answered.

    The only question that I have that he has not done is this” Would you like to come to a Pack Meeting to see how we are doing?” I won’t identify you and I won’t ask you do to anything. Just come and see what the Cub Scouts are doing.


  2. I would be interested in what is the primary form of communication between the council and the volunteers? Ours is only the council website which is not kept up to date and many events are missed due to this. Also what do you believe is the best practice when it comes to communication between the council and the volunteers?


  3. Why do you think so many District Executives do not stay in the Scouting program very long? Is it the low pay, long hours, forced performance goals, additional required council wide program responsibilities, having to “supervise” and rely on volunteers, or any/and all of the above issues??? How do you/would you solve them??


  4. I have read the long range plan on council camps, I didn’t come away with a feeling of what really is happening. I know it is still being put together, but could the council share some of the current ideas? IS the sale of Scouters Mountain going to fund a new Scout council office, an endowment for camps or a new camp? Where are we headed with the properties we own currently? Do we need 4 Summer Camps or could we run a really large super camp with better facilities and activities?


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