scoutbookEvery unit has a method of tracking their Scouts.  Advancement, activities, special awards etc.  There are software programs and online resources for tracking, even an Excel spreadsheet can be used.  But I want to introduce you to a real cool way of tracking your unit.
Before I go any further, I should say in full disclosure that my unit does not use…. yet.  I was made aware of recently and thought I would review it and let you all know about some of the great features it has.  I should also say that as a Scoutmaster, I rarely get involved in any of this, but with your committee will be very happy to have such an awesome tool at their finger tips.
At first look I love the interface.  The ease of the program.  It is clean and requires no hunting to find what you are looking for.
tysonadvancement270Second thing that you notice right away is that the Scout has some responsibility for his advancement in this program.  Just like their Scout handbook, the Scout himself now has the ability to track and maintain parts of his record keeping.  Yes, he still needs to get the work done and Yes, he still needs to see the Scoutmaster or who ever signs the book.  But with, he has everything at his fingertips electronically.
I remember Former Chief Scout Executive Bob Mazzucca reminding us to take Scouting where the Scouts are.  Well, 78% of our teens have cell phones, and not just cell phones, but smart phones.  So put this tool in their hands and see if they get excited about this part of Scouting.
I love that is on “The Cloud”.  Pretty much the world that we live in.  The ability to have data on your tablet, phone, computer or other device is critical these days.
Ok, So the Committee has a role in this, the Scout has a role in this, and the leaders all have roles in this.  It is a total package deal.  Constantly updated to meet all of the BSA requirements, linked to ScoutNet, and easy to use.
As a leader, you can track and maintain your training records.  I am sure that the Training chair on your committee would love for your help on that.mytraining280
Printing Blue cards is a snap also.. right from your device.
Merit Badge counselors can track the Scout and report percentages of complete to the committee in real-time.
For the leader, you can track multiple Scouts with just a few clicks.  Monitoring those first year Scouts sometimes can be chore.  But using the tools in they have been made easy and right at your finger tips.
Troop Committees can print beautiful reports and even the 34403 form to purchasing awards and advancement for your next Court of Honor. is 100% secure and allows the unit to decide who gets what access.  The Scout, the Leaders, Merit Badge Counselors, and the Committee all have functions suited to them.
There are many features of that I can’t write about here, it would take pages on the blog.
If you are currently using other tracking software or online programs you may be able to transfer your data, but before you do, check out and see all of this for yourself.  It is worth a look.
And here is something cool about… You can have it for a year free because you read my blog.
The first 3 readers that send me an email ( and ask for the subscription will get an annual subscription to  You need to check out the website to see all of the benefits that come with this cool program.
I think it is a resource that you and your unit need to look into.
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Scoutbook has lots of restrictions and is not that great. They advertise it’s easy to use but it’s very restrictive such as:
    -Every parent or leader MUST have an email, no matter what or you can’t add a leader. You’ll end up making up other addresses in the spot just so you can get your leaders added.
    -You can’t close the system, it always sends out messages. Many Troops like using it as a tracking mechanism but it relies on emailing and permissions sent out via email to all parents and leaders.
    -The Leader importing from Scoutnet DOES NOT work.
    -No spot to put an email for Scouts. BAD. We print rosters so the Scouts can call and email each other, but you can’t with Scoutbook. It has to be the parent that logs into their account and make requests of that nature. So, a complete and full roster is out of the question.
    -Adding a leader makes you go to multiple screens to enter all the leader info, once you enter all the leader info (which is so much info that most of us never have) then you can sync with Scoutnet.
    -Be prepared with tons of the Scouts information as it does not import from Scoutnet many required items such as the Scouts birthday, grade and such.

    Test out Scoutbook very thoroughly before fully converting over or you could end up very frustrated as we were and then quit using it.


  2. We are currently converting to ScoutBook. All you need to get a the correct sync to ScoutNet is everyone’s BSA number. All the missing data was from it not being in ScoutNet correctly to begin with. Like Steve said, ScoutNet doesn’t have all the Scout demographic info. So the next step is to import the download from TroopMaster which should fill all that in. I hear that the nights camped, service hours and miles hiked, don’t alway make it in that import so I expect we will have some clean up to do still.

    The Adult training report is a dream for our Training Chair; our YPT compliance is getting better as she can easily see who is out of date or coming due. And our advancement chair is already using it exclusively for the report and purchasing of awards, etc.

    I do struggle with not having all the Scouts email addresses in yet, so the messaging function doesn’t work for all communications yet. So we still rely on the old system (yahoogroup). I haven’t had any problem with pulling rosters (lots of ways to pull only the info you want), but I haven’t found a good print format yet.

    We are straddling between TroopMaster and ScoutBook right now, but it will only get better as more families start using it (we are almost at 50%) and BSA continues to strengthen the cloud and fix the bugs. We will be TroopMaster free by the end of the year and the Scouts will have their own records at their fingertips to instantly see how far they have come and what is needed next.


    1. I’m glad you found something that works for your Troop. My Troop is still using Troopmaster and it really works well for us.
      I am aware that the BSA has fully endorsed Scoutbook and is running with it. That is great, glad to see that the systems will work well together.
      Thanks for the comment.


    2. I’ve been looking into Scoutbook for our Troop. I’m interested in an update on your Troop use of Scoutbook. A year later…. are you Troopmaster free? Still using Scoutbook? How is that working for you? Are you able to do everything with Scoutbook that you did with Troopmaster? Print reports? Print a roster? Monitor Scout progress?


      1. Paula,
        A year later and we still are not using Scoutbook. It is a neat program, but our Troop Committee decided to stay with Troopmaster. We are using Troopmaster and Packmaster for the units. It is working great for us so they decided to stick with it.
        As the new policy of internet advancement comes into effect in the coming months we need to see how that is going to work, but we have access through the net to make it happen.
        We do everything still with Troopmaster.
        Sorry, not what you were looking for.. but that is where we are.
        Thanks for the comment.


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