Swap and Sale

WinterCampingSceneAs we prepare for this seasons winter camping schedule the first thing that we need to accomplish is some good training.  Our Patrol Leaders Council has come up with a good plan to get the Scouts of the troop trained and ready for the January camp out which will take them up to Mt Hood, Oregon once again.
This year, the schedule will work out real well for us.  When January rolls around we will have the solid group that we currently have and a great group of Scouts that are ready to take on leadership roles in the unit.  This will play out to be very important in March when we get our new batch of cross over Scouts.  Their first camp out will be in a cold environment, and so having the group that we have to teach them will pay dividends in the long run.
Part of the preparation is the gear.  Having the right gear is extremely important when camping in the winter.  To assist with this, our troop committee thought it would be a good idea to do a swap/sale.  This would be an opportunity to share some “experienced” gear and clothing and maybe make a buck or two to replace some older gear.
This weekend I spent the better part of Friday and Saturday organizing gear, going through older stuff, finding out what fits and what doesn’t.  Taking a look at the gear and clothing that my sons used while they were Scouts and sorting out what I can give and sale.  Well, since you all know that I am a gear junky.. this process took all day and then some.  In the end, I got all my gear together and two very large rubber maid bins are full of gear and clothing that will be available for the Scouts to take.  I do have a few items that I am selling, hey.. I need a new tarp.  But 99% is going for free.  Looking at the gear, especially the stuff my boys used all these years, I was glad to see that they listened when I told them, and taught them, that taking care of your equipment will make it last longer and it will take care of you one day.  Most, if not all of the gear looks new.  Between my sons and I most of the gear has about 1000 nights camping and if taken care of by the new owner will get another 1000.
I think this swap and sale idea is a great way to share gear and clothing.  It is a fantastic way for Scouts that may not be able to afford new gear to get outfitted.  Last year I gave away a couple sleeping bags and some other stuff.  By consolidating our effort in this Troop event, the guys can really get outfitted well.
Getting the right gear is important.  That is another reason that I like this.  All the gear has been tested, and the stuff I am giving is stuff that I purchased.. so I know it is something I would want the Scouts to have.
Think about doing something like this in your unit.  A Scout is helpful.. right?

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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  1. Nice idea, Jerry. We appointed a Recycling Coordinator who occasionally announces a need for clothing. He is responsible for collecting and redistributing these items within the troop. I’ve heard rumblings that The Recycling Coordinator position is considered a fluff position with little regard by our small band of critics. I know that by these efforts though, we have already paid dividends in that scouts who were too embarrassed to show at regular troop meetings due to lack of a uniform, now have been aided in getting the gear they need and as a result will now will be joining us more regularly. Thanks for all you do for Scouting!


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