The Mirrors

I have heard it said over and over again that your character is best demonstrated when no one is watching.  Anyone can have an outward appereance of good character.  But it is how they act when the cameras are not rolling, the spot light is not on them that their true character comes out.
Yesterday, I was watching the news and the story about how teens are going away from Facebook and finding new ways to be “Social” online came on.  The bottom line of the story was that teens are trying to get away from their parents who are frequenting Facebook now.  I suppose that is nothing new, teens have been trying to distance themselves from their parents for generations, but it bothered me as to the reasons many of the teens in the news piece shared.  The main reason was so that their parents do not see and hear what they are up to.  That in and of itself is not bad, but one of the young ladies in the piece talked about their language and the “need for privacy” when it comes to our activities.
One of the young men talked about their language and that he thought that his parents would be upset if they knew what was going on “online”.
And there is the rub.  What they are doing, if they don’t want to share it is more than likely wrong.
What they are doing when no one is physically watching is defining their true character.
So I would encourage us all to take a look in the mirror.  When no one else is around and ask yourself who you are.  How is your character being seen to you.  Not to anyone else, but you.  Do you like what you see?  If not, there is time to change.  It starts with the Oath and Law.  Look in the mirror and ask yourself am I going to live the oath and law today.  Tonight, ask yourself how you did.
The results will be great when you really live it.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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