Post Script

Sometimes it would be nice to have a PS at the bottom of each blog entry.. But its tough to know what that Post Script would be until emails, comments, and other pings come in.
Here is a general post script.
Let me start by saying, I love Scouting.
I love the Scouting movement and pretty much everything about it.  I know that there are great leaders out there, I know that there are crappy leaders out there and I know that there are a lot of folks that are well meaning and have the very best of intentions.
Having said that, I also get my share of butt heads that feel that the internet is a great place to hammer some one.  I freely put myself out there by having this blog and accept the responsibility that comes with that.  The responsibilty in that I understand that by having the blog I open myself to be bashed.  And you know.. for the most part.. I don’t care that people feel the need to cowardly remain anonymous and shoot flamming arrows.  In fact I find most of the stupid comments entertaining.
But come on man…
This last week I have been getting emails from some jerk that feels the need to call me out on everything.  Spelling, grammer, ideas, thoughts, and even the idea that I am a backpacker.
Dude.. get a life… move on..
A few responses to you sir…
NO Scouting is not a religious institution.  In fact while we proclaim that we are reverent and the founder thought it was important that a young man have a relationship with his creator.. Scouting does not define what or who that is and certainly does not tell a scout how to practice his faith.  Aside from Scouts own services and services that are hosted by the churches themselves.. the BSA is not a church.  The religious emblems program is not presented by the BSA, it is promoted, but presented, staffed, and executed by the various churches.. not the Boy Scouts.
Backpacking is a style of camping.  If its not your thing.. don’t do it.
The Boy Scout program works best when the Patrol method is the only method.  The founder said that.. not me… I just happen to know that it is a fact.  If your troop is failing in that area.. that is a you problem and don’t get pissed at me for calling you out on it.  Fix it.
The Scoutmaster is not a youth leader and has no business leading the troop.. do I really need to go into that?
No, I do not agree that 12 year old Scouts have earned the Eagle award.  That’s just math.  There is more to earning the Eagle award than just cranking out merit badges and doing a service project.
Leadership, service, and above all a great Scouting experience are more important than a fancy medal.
If that is a new concept for you, you have not read my blog that long and I encourage you.. nay demand that you go back and read from the beginning and see that this is the song I have been singing for a long time.
The Scout Oath and Law are the only rules we need.  They govern our conduct in and out of tan shirts and green socks.
OK.. that’s enough…
To those that are regular readers of the blog.. I am sorry you had to go through this.. But I had to address this or I could not move on.  It’s this kind of stuff that keeps bloggers from writing.
Thanks again for your continued support and readership.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


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