Life’s Not Fair

I have said it before on this blog that stories or themes seem to come in bunches.  And so it seems that the recurring theme as of late at least around me is that Life is not fair.  Well, I keep hearing it, at work, in Scouts, and at my sons school, in particular the football team.
I keep hearing that “it’s not fair that my son does not get playing time”, “I never get a good vacation”, “I don’t understand why some Scouts get a lot of merit badges and some don’t”.  We guess what… Life’s not fair and it’s not meant to be.  Think about it for a minute… do we want it to be fair?  I want folks to have equal opportunities to be successful, but fair?  I’m not so concerned with the idea that everything should be given.
I recently tweeted that the best verb in our language is “EARNED”.  We all have the opportunity to earn.  We have the opportunity to win a spot on the team, we have the opportunity to earn those merit badges, we have the opportunity to earn our way to a better vacation.  That is fair.
Our society has gotten so used to having things given that it has lost it’s will to earn.
To many people have forgotten that fairness only works when we earn.  It’s all about opportunity and having that chance.  That chance equals fair.
Bill Gates, Phil Knight, and Ross Perot all earned what they have, they were not given anything but opportunity.
The difference between the American Revolution and the French Revolution was the American’s fought for liberty while the French fought for equality.  I would rather have liberty and have a chance for opportunity than equality and have everything the same.  Our nation proclaims that all men are created equal.  That I believe.. we are equal in the fact that we all were created with the opportunity to be successful… what you do with that is up to you.If you choose to waste it that you will get what you get.  No vacation, No merit badges, and no spot on the team.
Life is not fair?  Nope, Life is fair… you just have to do something with your opportunity.
Scouting provides these life lessons and we need to be reinforcing those values.  A quick look at the Oath and Law will show us that we need to take the opportunity to live those values and in turn be successful.  The Oath and Law will lead you to earning those things in life that are important and they will open doors of opportunity.  They are not given, they are earned.  And that is fair.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog with your follow.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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