Hammock Basics

I’m sorry if this week is real video heavy on the blog… but sometimes video is a great way to get the information out there.
This video is all about the basics of hammock camping. I have been getting lots of questions as to what type of gear to have and the way I set up my hammock. Well… here it is. I set it up this way every time. It is simple, easy, and super comfortable. This set up has reduced the weight in my pack, made set up and take down a snap, and is perfect for me.
I am not suggesting that you run out and get what I have, although I have provided the information and places on the were  you can find what I have in the event that you really like my set up.
I would strongly encourage you to “test drive” as much as you can. Hammocks do not all lay the same and have the same comfort. I have two hammocks and prefer one over the other in the comfort department.
Another example of fitting the hammock to your needs is your body type. Weight and height play a big part in the type of hammock you get. I have a 1.1 double layer hammock. If you exceed 230 lbs, you may need 1.7 nylon for the added strength. You may need a longer hammock. The longer (11 ft.) hammocks are very comfortable. Find people in your area that hammock camp and lay down in theirs to get a feel. Go to hammockforums.net and read up on what the folks that use them all the time say. Ask questions.
Hammock camping is not for everyone. But it is for me and I love to talk about it. I do not know anyone that hammock camps that hates it. I get the best nights sleep in the hammock and I love the challenge of toying with my gear, tweeking things here and there, and getting out in the woods.
I hope this video is helpful.
If you have questions or comments, leave them in the comments section or drop me an email, I will be glad to help you out.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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