These 20 easy-to-memorize Scout mnemonics could save a life

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Bryan on Scouting

Lightning_Safety_SignIn a life-threatening situation outdoors, a Scout’s skills are only as good as his memory.

That’s why mnemonic devices — popular for schoolchildren memorizing the order of the planets, the metric system, or the colors of the rainbow — are also useful when the pressure’s on you to react to a health or safety emergency.

Boost your emergency preparedness with the 20 mnemonics below. Most come courtesy of Scouting magazine’s friends on Facebook and Twitter. Have one we missed? Leave a comment at the end of the post. 

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  1. I disagree with the “BRAT” diet, as apple sauce is a diuretic to me, so I teach it as BRaT — Bananas, Rice, and Toast. The green tea that I drink will have you in the KYBO within 20 minutes if you’re not used to it.


    1. I saw that too Tim and thought huh? on applesauce. It worse than apples for me. I went back and check where Bryan got it from on Facebook. Saw your posting and copied it in Bryan’s comment section hoping he’ll change that little error. (There were several other postings using applesauce instead of ‘and’. Seem like one person mistake was repeated.)


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