King for the day

As I hit the publish button on the last post I realized that I never offered a solution.  And I am still wondering what that is… but I can tell you that if I were King for the day… or at least the Chief Scout Executive here is what I would do tomorrow.
First I would call all of the major news networks and tell them that the Boy Scouts of America is going to have a press conference to talk about this issue.
Second.  I would create a presentation that outlined what we as an organization stand for, provide, and believe.  This presentation would highlight all of the great things that young men and women get out of Scouting.  It would highlight our values and those promises that we make individually in the Scout Oath.
I would tell the world that we are the best organization in world that centers it’s mission on creating good people.  I would remind the world that we are an organization designed for peace and service.
Then I would talk about the issue of inclusive membership and state the following:  We are the Boy Scouts of America.  You have seen all that we have to offer and I think you would agree that this program is for everyone.  I would assure America that no matter what happens in this upcoming vote to change the membership policy that nothing will ever change in our program.  The Boy Scouts provide a safe environment for all Scouts no matter who they are, where they come from, and whatever their family religious and cultural background may be.  The Boy Scouts of America stand committed to provided that safe program free of abuse, hazing, and discrimination.
Then I would suggest that we as an organization have gone through many changes in our 100 plus years and have stood the test of time because of our values and our program.
I think that the Boy Scouts of America have not done a great job in telling our side of the story.  The media have been given blank check with which they write and talk about our program given their limited point of view.  The Boy Scouts of America need to get in front of this and do a better job in talking to America.
The organization is doing a nice job in communicating to its membership.. but we are already on board.  They need to get on the 6 o’clock news and sell our story to America.
Wayne.. if you need help with this… let’s talk.
Your thoughts?
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Well said Jerry. Boy would I like to get back to reading about your great ideas for lightening a pack. Unfortunately this issue is front and center. The BSA is being painted into a corner by the people that have control of the print, net, and airwaves. Goebels was Hitler’s propaganda minister who is credited with stating that “tell a lie ten times and it becomes the truth”. That’s what’s happening to the BSA. has done a pretty good job so far at emphasizing no sex and politics in the BSA. The politics of sexual attraction has absolutely no place in the mission of Scouting. The BSA needs to hold your recommended press conference and put this message out loud, strong, and often! I’d say that the truth said ten times can undo the lie. But alas, the national board seems to have an agenda to push instead of getting our message out. And, by saying the majority of Scouters approve of allowing membership to gay youth, it is betraying its agenda because that’s not what the recent survey results indicate at all. The national board has a credibility problem. Which should make everyone truly question if the issue is being truthfully represented by the BSA National Executive board. If they truly believe it’s in the best interest of the BSA to continue this debate, then they should make their case in public. Give me some convincing arguments. I don’t think they can. So far, it looks like their tactics are to do all this behind closed doors quickly with biased surveys before an opposition can gain strength and present another side of the argument. If they could win their case on the merits, they would have already done it. I must respectfully disagree with anyone that thinks this policy change would not have a dramatic negative effect. History already has examples in the Canadian Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts of America. It won’t stop with the policy change. Fore example, it will open new doors to transgenders. After all, they’re human too, right? And after that, sponsorship by groups friendly with the “loud and proud” groups. What’s to stop it? Where will it end? Then, sex and politics will be an integral part of our beloved BSA. Not what it was ever supposed to be. If I thought it would end with the admission of a few gay youth that were truly committed to honor, duty to God and their country, I’d say OK. But history proves it won’t end there. Go to to see another side of this issue.


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