1. They are nice water boilers.. but… in my opinion and my opinion only..
      They are heavy, bulky, and not as versatile as I want in a stove. The Jet Boil that is in the video is a first generation Jet Boil. I have seen the new Jet Boil stoves and like the longer regulator handle and the smaller cup.
      They are good for what they are designed for, again, it’s a personal preference, and since they are not a sponsor… But no one is, I don’t really care for the Jet boil stove. (I own three of them btw)


  1. I had a HeaTab stove as a scout (still do, but haven’t used it in 15-16 years). Does the Esbit have a notch or lock to keep it from folding under the weight of the water, or what’s in the pot?
    It looks like it would fold up.


  2. I have the Scout knife I bought as a Scout. I put a pink/orange keyring tab on the bail in the event I should lay it down or otherwise lose it. With my name and unit on it.


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