Bonus Video – Grilled Cheese

Had all the stoves out today and it got to be about lunch time… Well…
Here’s some Bonus video of a nice lunch meal on the trail… Oh and the Cheese cake (left over from the Cheese Cake factory).. a great bonus to the lunch.  YUM!
Enjoy and Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Jerry,

    What kind of spray on oil comes in a pump spray bottle. I get the aerosol spray cans all the time, but I have not seen the same thing in a pump spray bottle. That is definitely more practical on the trail than anything else. I could do that with eggs, meat, toast, just about anything.

    Let us know.


    1. Allan,
      It’s called Butterlicious from Safeway.
      It has No Hydrogenated Oil and 0 Calories. 0g trans fat per serving also.
      We use it on a lot of stuff here at home and it really tastes good too.
      Thanks for the comment


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