Sunday Coffee

Today’s Sunday coffee is gear heavy. eerrrr light.
This week I once again received a few pieces of the Birthday list.  Dutch Hooks to add to the z line for the tarp and my new stove the solo stove.
Here are the links to see these items close up.
Z line (Spectra)
Solo Stove
Dutchware – Dutch Hooks
2QzQ – Grizz Beak
The Ultimate Hang by Derek Hansen
I will be doing a complete review of both the Solo Stove and the Book “the Ultimate Hang” in the very near future, but at first look and read they are both items that you need to add to your gear bag and book shelf.
This week I have been away from the blog a little too much.  It has been one of those weeks, but rest assured all is well.
Next week some time I will be posting my final podcast with PTC Media… then it will be up in the air as to how I keep the podcast alive.  Suggestions, let me know.
OK.. enjoy the video.
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. So, do you have to scrub off the soot from your pot? Do you put soap on the bottom of the pot? Our scoutmaster showed us how to do this when I was a boy. But as I remember, it was not that much easier to scrub off the soot. What do you do?


    1. Allan, while the pot does blacken… there is very little soot to wipe off. Once the pot cools I just throw it in my cozy to keep everything else in my cook kit from rubbing on it. My pot goes into the dishwasher once I get home… Ran the pot I used in the video through the dish washer last night… did not get all the black off, but the pot is clean and no soot.
      The cozy is the key part in keeping the rest of the gear from getting dirty, although it does not look like that is really an issue. This stove burns pretty clean.


  2. I have a Solo also. Received for Christmas. Used it on snow camp last weekend and enjoyed it very much. Fuel was not an issue. A few dead twigs from a tree was all I needed. Looking forward to hearing how the Grizz Beak works for you in the windy Gorge and Hood.
    Allan, I don’t scrub off the soot until I get home. Just bag the pot to keep the soot from spreading. I too didn’t have much luck with soap as a youth (grin).


  3. Thanks for the comment Jeff. I’ll be camping up on Hood this weekend with the Troop. Will have a full report on the Grizz beak. So far I really love it. The sewing is beautiful and just having it up in the backyard there was a difference under the tarp.
    Stay tuned!
    Thanks again for the comment


  4. About that Spectra line: For a tarp, I can see it’s strong and light. I’ve read elsewhere that some folks are against hammocks for the damage the lines can do to the trees. Do you use straps on the trees instead of lines? (Hadn’t noticed in previous vids.)


    1. Yes I use 1 inch webbing tree straps. No damage to trees. I am a leave no trace trainer and get personal when it comes to our wilderness area. The spectra line does not do damage either. Real careful and when using a light tarp there is not a lot of pressure on the tree. Trees are pretty tough that way.


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