Sunday Coffee 1/13

Well, here is this weeks video.  I tad bit different this week.  Had to record later in the day, so coffee wasn’t going to work.. so I had some calming Celestial Wild Berry Zinger Herbal Tea… boy did it relax.
This week I talk a bit more about shedding the pack weight and give a sneak peek at my newest gear addition.
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Hi Jerry,

    I’m enjoying your Sunday series of coffee drinking. In this latest one, I think it isn’t a good idea to suggest to people that they store fuel, I’m guessing that it was alcohol for your stove, in a plastic water bladder.

    You know what they say,” if it can happen, it will”, according to Mr. Murphy. The next thing they will put white gas in them.

    Anyway, GtSS says to store fuel in the original container or in a container designed for that use.


    ps…I’m always trying to shave weight from my equipment, too. I have a Big Agnes tent that has stuff sacks like the ones you ordered. Now I must replace all my heavy ones.


    1. Great point. As in most things in Scouting the G2SS is there to protect us from ourselves. When I am with the Scouts my alcohol is in the MSR fuel bottle.
      But since I am backpacker as a hobby, my gear is a bit different when not with the troop
      It’s to bad that in Scouting we can’t teach and treat Scouts like they are actually responsible and developed in their skill sets.
      Thanks for the comment, you are correct.


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