SMMPodcast #107 – Merry Christmas

Welcome back to the SMMPodcast.  In this show we ask the question; “Is this the last show?”
You tell me.
We also discuss the tragic events in Connecticut and wonder what we can do to help.
And of course… a Very Merry Christmas to one and all.
Leave us some feedback, drop us a note, shoot us a tweet… send us a smoke signal.
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Scoutmaster Jerry, The only pdcast/Blogs I follow are yours and Clark’s. I too wear many hats in the scouting world and all too well understand the reality of spending your time where it will have the most impact. You videos are great, If you choose to stop the podcast I’ll miss them but understand.

    Merry Christmas
    Scoutmaster Pat


  2. Jerry, I have listened to the podcast for several years now. The most memorable one was an early podcast where you were giving the benefits of being a backpacking troop. This was well researched and scripted, and I actually looked into doing this at the time. I am now an avid viewer of the Sunday morning coffee videos. Either way you go, you will put out good content. To me, the medium is not as important as the message. When you show us your gear, or a place you have gone, or how to camp on a snowy crest, you are still giving out the message of your backpacking troop.

    In the last couple of years you have taken on some large projects. First there was blogging, then pod casting, then Jamboree, then Philmont (I did my trek in 2005). So, something would have had to fall by the wayside. I agree the the last poster. Do what you can do. And I would say, do that well.

    Thanks for being on message in the scouting world.


  3. Jerry–

    I hear what you say about not being sure you’re being heard or making a difference. Sometimes, I show up at Troop meetings thinking the same way. It’s a matter of faith. I know it’s harder when you can’t see your audience. But again, it’s faith.

    Be assured you DO have an audience. I’m one of them. Scoutmaster Pat & Alan Green (read above posts) are others, along with countless Scouters who find themselves regularly needing advice, gear reviews, cooking tips & tricks, or just a “hit” of your pure enthusiasm for the Scouting program.

    We all depend on you, Jerry. We’re all honored to call you friend. You ARE getting through & making a difference. You manage to recharge me and the program I deliver to my Scouts every time! You’re there when we need you. We’re there for you too.. even though you can’t see or hear us. It’s not easy to get the exact metrics, especially since well all use different methods to listen (I use Google Listen and Podkicker). Sometimes, it just takes a little faith.

    Now that’s settled… some thoughts to help you “see” your impact:
    1) have you tried holding a video chat? You can post the session and make a podcast of the audio.
    2) I’ve just found this thing called “Podcast-O-Matic” (; I’ve just made your blog into a text-to-speech podcast
    3) Using some type of website analytics, like Google Analytics or W3. It’s not the “feedback” you were looking for, but it’ll help see who’s listening.

    Have a GREAT Scouting Day, Jerry. Keep on rollin’ ’em out (a little more often, if you please, sir)

    Your friend in Scouting,
    Larry Faust
    ASM, Troop 303, Spring Hill, FL


    1. Larry, Thanks for the great email. As you may have seen I have decided to keep it up… it is only becasue of the many emails of encouragement I have received in the last few days and knowing that some how.. in some way.. we all make a difference. I’m going to check out the links you sent and consider some of your ideas. Thanks again Larry. YIS Jerry


  4. Jerry – I had just recieved an Ipod for Christmas (behind the times, I know) and started searching for Cub Scouting podcasts, and came across yours. Your topics caught my attention, and I started listening – and am hooked. Was very sad to hear you were considering dropping the podcast – and am more pleased seeing your 12/29 comment above that you are likely to continue them. My oldest is just about to join our local troop and it is a blessing to hear someone else talk scouting the way I talk scouting. I appreciated the talk on Relavance, and recently heard an older podcast talking about “A Scout IS…” I believe I am going to incorporate some of your points into my Arrow of Light ceremony, just prior to the boys bridging to Boy Scouts, as a reminder of why we do what we do. As an Eagle scout myself, a 4 year Cubmaster, and a lifelong scouter, THANK YOU for doing what you do, and I look forward to hearing more podcasts from you in the future!


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