Sunday Mornin’ Coffee 12-23

Well it’s another Sunday and we made it past yet another Apocalypse.. So that means it’s time for Coffee with Scoutmaster Jerry.
This week we take a little trip to a local State Park and brew up a cup of coffee and chat about gear.
This weeks gear review is the SPOT communicator.
I also talk a bit about the future of the SMMPodcast and where I want to take the videos in the next year.
The video this week is a tad bit long, but I hope you bare with me.  Get a cup a joe and sit back and relax and enjoy the video.
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. On using a fire steel, let me relay this. A year ago, we got four new scouts, which allowed our tiny troop to recharter. Our first campout on the schedule with these guys was a wilderness survival weekend. The boys put up tarp shelters for the first night, and then wilderness survival brush shelters the second night. We made fire with fire steels, steel wool, and magnifying glasses, anything but matches. We made charcoal and char cloth, and went through the Wilderness survival merit badge requirements for those who wanted to pursue that badge. I made some comment that real men don’t use matches, but use fire steels or flint strikers, or even bow drills. The next camping trip, these guys had brought the fire steels purchased from the scout shop, and made their campfire the way I had shown them the previous month. Not knowing any other way, they consider this to be the official scout way to build a fire. I did not attempt to tell them otherwise, and now they teach new scouts to use a fire steel for the fire building requirements. Now, I also wish that I had done the same with the tarp tents. More rugged that way.


  2. Jerry, loved the latest video. If you aren’t enjoying the podcasts, you certainly should stop doing them. I still listen to ’em (mostly at home in the evening or during some mindless activity at work), but I like your blog and videos even more. If you get a good topic for a podcast– maybe a remote interview which would make for pretty bad video– you can always fire one off. Thanks for the words of advice and entertainment. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


    1. Dan, Glad you like the videos. The podcast is like most things in life. I am passionate about Scouting, and so devoting the time and energy to it is important to me. The podcast has had its run.. and maybe it is not over just yet, but it certainly looks close.
      Thanks for your feedback and comment. I really appreciate it.


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