I am not going to rehash the thoughts of my “Selfish” post as the entire world is aware of the tragedy in Connecticut today.
My prayers are with those families that have been tragically devastated by this horrific event.
My feelings are the same and I have no compassion for those that harm children in any way. 
I blame our overly sensitive and “Caring” world for not dealing with these issues in a more direct way and allowing people like this to roam the streets.
Once again, I find myself with feelings of disgust for the actions of these gunmen.
It is not the guns, it is not access, it is the lack of knowing the difference between right and wrong.  That simple.
I do not care if they are not mentally able to understand that… if that is the case they should not have access to the weapon, the school, or whatever… they simply can not be allowed.  Is that a violation of their civil rights… Ask the parents of the 18 children that took their last breath today in a classroom in Connecticut.
I really don’t care about their civil rights or the rights of those that would do harm to children.  I really don’t.
If that offends you.. I don’t care and I encourage you to unsubscribe to this blog.
I am a very compassionate and caring man.  But enough is enough.
God Damn the souls of these monsters that would do such a thing.
God look over the families of those that lost their children.
God take and keep in your loving arms the innocent little ones that have been robbed of life today.
I am sickened today, my heart hurts, and I am mad at what has happened to our world.


  1. Bless you SM Jerry for speaking your mind and feeling the same way some of us others do about today’s societal views. I too am one that gets criticized or chastised for giving and blunt or honest opinion at times, and I don’t believe we live in a world where we should be sheltering our children from the truth or things that may harm them. I don’t believe in walking on egg shells or tip-toeing around the truth if it means someone’s feelings may get hurt in the process. Sometimes it’s just as simple as that, and sometimes the truth does in fact hurt. Sobeit…take it for what it’s worth society, wake up, quit trying to be so politically correct for fear of being ridiculed over it. Speak it if it’s fact!…Well, off my soapbox too for now, but I certainly wished there were more real honest realistic Scouters such as ourselves that don’t conform to some of the ways today’s professional Scouters try to hide the truth from the newer leaders and parents of today’s Scouting. It’s nothing like what Baden Powell had envisioned anymore, that’s most certainly for sure!
    SM – Ken Hartman
    Troop 57 – Lebanon, MO
    36 years in Scouting since youth and still going…


  2. Gentlemen, I will tell you this, from a position of knowledge, not opinion:

    It is not nearly as simple as all that. Period.

    SM – Teddy Heaton
    Special Needs BSA Troop 2 – Springfield, MO
    37 years in Scouting. Eagle Scout.


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