Sunday Coffee -Medaglia D’oro

Well, I think this is going to be a pretty regular segment on the blog.  I am trying to do gear reviews also, and since I really like my coffee and am always in search of a good cup o’ joe for the trail, this is a good way to talk about gear and have some coffee while chatting to ya.
You may have noticed that I am putting out a few more videos than I have in the past, and the blog seems to be morphing into a Vlog… but I can assure you, while video is going to have it’s place in the blog, I am not converting it to a Vlog.  I have a lot of fun with the video’s and really enjoy sharing my gear addiction and camping hobby with you all.
So here is this weeks Sunday Coffee.  In November I asked the readers to send me suggestions for a good cup o’joe for the trail.  I got two emails suggesting some instant coffee’s.  The first one was Medaglia D’oro instant espresso coffee.  So this week we are brewing up a cup and letting you know how it is.
If you have a brand that you think I should try, let me know.  So thanks Tom for the suggestion on the Medalia D’oro coffee.. yeah.. it’s a good cup o’ joe.
Email me your suggestion to or leave your suggestion in the comments section of this post.
And Have a Great Scouting Day!

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4 Responses to Sunday Coffee -Medaglia D’oro

  1. Kirbster says:

    This is neat! I bought an Esbit Kaffeekocher (coffee maker) and it uses the alcohol burner but I put it on my Optimus Crux and it makes an awesome 8 ounce cup of joe.

  2. If you happen to be car camping, I have a suggestion: the REI French press coffee maker. Get some good coffee, properly ground for a French press, plus the REI coffee maker and enjoy a fabulous cup of coffee while camping. It’s now part of our Program Staff regular packing list!

  3. bdaabat says:

    FYI: for car camping, consider the REI French press along with some good, properly ground coffee.

    It’s such a treat to get terrific coffee while camping! That coffee maker is now part of our troop gear…it goes on all non-backpacking outings!


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