8,000 lbs of Peace

Today was our annual Scouting for Food Campaign.  The Scouts of the Cascade Pacific Council canvassed neighborhoods and collected the much need food that will stock the shelves for distribution in our area.  There is a great need and the Scouts today did their part to meet that need.
Today, the Scouts of the Cascade Pacific Council sent a Message of Peace.
Here is a short video of Troop 664 in the Thunderbird District, my Troop, and how they made an impact on our community today.
Special Thanks to Bryce, Ben, and Parker for helping in the presentation of this video.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

One comment

  1. A Message from Peggy at the Society of St Vincent de Paul
    Thank you, Troop 664 for all your hard work today making this year’s food collection a success. You young men are the definition of scouts in my book. You do your best for the good of others with no regard to your personal needs. We here at St. Henry’s will be the first to admit we could not do this without you.

    Not only did you make up boxes, fill boxes, carry food bags and help younger scouts … you also collected 126 lbs. of food as well. Thank you.

    Scouting For Food collected 9,611 lbs. of food this year. That’s almost a ton more than last year. Congratulations!

    Hope to see you again next year.


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