Tweekin’ Gear

Been looking at ways to reduce weight and tweek gear to make it easier to set up and take down.  One of my favorite sites is  Hammock campers are by nature seeking lighter alternatives to common camping gear and tasks.  They are not what one would call “Ultra light”, but by and large have some great light weight solutions to everyday camping issues.
I found a neat way to run guy lines and set up the tarp on the site and took some time to set mine tarp up using a new method.  Here is a quick video showing the new set up.
If you have questions or comments, please leave them here or shoot me an email.
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. I’m a huge fan of Hammock Camping myself. My Oldest son and I have been using Hennessey Tents for a while, and he crosses over this february. The youngest 3 kids (2 Tigers and a Daisy) now each have Hennessey Hammocks under the Christmas Tree.

    The only drawback that I have found, is that there is no reasonably affordable way of making them cold weather suitable, so we are going back to ground for our upcoming Webelos Woods campout.. (That and when Council events end up placing us out in the middle of a field…)


    1. There are some inexpensive ways to keep you toasty in the hammock. I camp in it all year long.. including camping in the teens for temps up on Mt. Hood in the winter.
      First start with the Hennessy Radient Pad ($30). I have been using one of these and have never been cold.
      Another thing that is useful is to use a stadium blanket under you sleeping bag… that increases your warmth and reduces the chance of getting CBS (Cold Butt Syndrom)
      I would also invest in a Underquilt protector (even if you are not using an underquilt) This will stop the wind and increase your “R” value.
      I got one from 2QzQ.. they run about $30 also.
      Just say no to laying on the ground. There are always tree’s, fence posts, or something to get creative with.
      Hope that helps.


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