Thank you

I wanted to take a minute and thank all of you before we get to far away from the Thanksgiving Holiday.
I want to sincerely give thanks to all of the great readers of this blog.  Thanks to the 557 folks that subscribe to the blog the 419 some odd folks that follow on Facebook and the 369 that keep up via Twitter.  Not to leave out the patient viewers of my YouTube channel.
This year has been a good one in my life.  Not without it’s challenges and obstacles, but a good year in both my Scouting and “Normal” life.
I have had the pleasure of making new friends in the online community and within my local council in our Scouting world.  I have had the opportunity to help our Scouters that needed advice and program help.   The blog and podcast have been expanded to real help and the building of relationships in our Scouting community.  And that my friends is why the blog started.  It has taken time, but the reputation I have tried to build seems to finally have started making a real impact on those that take the time to serve as Scouters.
Thank you all for sharing you comments, your suggestions, and even your occasional criticism.
Once again.  Thank you, I appreciate all of you.
Have a Great Scouting Day

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