OK.  Everyone take a deep breath and step away from the ledge.  There is way to much chatter about files being released and who is going to have to answer questions in the media etc.  Relax.
Once again, I have been poked and prodded to give my opinion on the subject and true to form I have one and I will be consistent in my measure.

1.  Who cares that the list or files have been released?  Let me tell you who cares.  People that are on the list.  If you are on the list, how did you get there?  If you got there because you are a threat to Scouts.. I Love that you are on the list.  So who cares.  The people that care are people I want to see on this list and I really don’t care that everyone knows it.
2.  So what?  What is the big deal that the list or files have been released.  Well I get why the BSA looks at is as a big deal.  And so do I.  We don’t want kids getting hurt.  It’s that simple.  Who among you want a Scout to get hurt.  None, right, so when the BSA puts in a “file” system designed to protect our Scouts it is a good thing.  This is only an issue because people that hate Scouting is getting their grubby paws in it.  I would first ask them why it’s not a good thing to keep a file on an ineligible person.  The reason is for protection.  If only we could have a file in our Schools and Church’s.  I was asked why the BSA needed these files and to me it’s simple.  The BSA unlike any other youth program actually cares enough not to allow potentially bad people in the organization.
People that would argue that these files are not necessary do not understand youth protection.
3.  Now what?  So the files are out there.  Does that change anything?  Nope.  We are still going to do background checks, we are still going to screen for potential  issues when it comes to youth protection, and we are still going to turn away people that may do harm to our Scouts.  There will be no concession given to a previous offender, and there will be increased awareness and training to prevent bad things from happening in the future.  If you don’t like that.. Oh Well.  Go somewhere else.
So now what.  The BSA is the best youth organization out there.. hands down.  It will continue to be the greatest well into the future, because it cares about our Scouts.
Everyone take a deep breath and get back to doing the work of Scouting.  If the media calls, direct them to the Scout Executive.  If your friends ask, tell them what we do to protect our youth, and if you can’t handle it.  Do nothing, Either way, Scouting will be just fine.
Have a Great Scouting Day


  1. Jerry, Last week my mom called me and said that she had read an article in the paper about the files, and what is going on. The title of the piece was sensational, the first paragraph damning, and the facts emerged somewhere around paragraph six, that the BSA keeps files on sexual predators. When I asked Mom if she agreed that the BSA should keep out these people, or drug people, or any criminals, she agreed. When I asked if this should be done at a national level, she agreed. When I asked if any adult should be alone with a child not related to him/her, she agreed. So what was the problem?

    Well, someone thirty or forty years ago tried to handle it themselves, not turn it over to law enforcement, and bungled it. Also, the news writers wanted to sell papers, so they wrote the articles in such a way to slam scouting with sensationalist journalism (God, surely that has never happened before.) And as you indicated, our enemies search for any excuse to harm us.

    Just think of the outcry if the BSA did NOT keep files on suspected predators. They would howl even louder that this. Most people will read the bad headlines and form their unfounded opinions that the BSA is a dangerous, badly run organization, not safe for children. All we can do is give a reasoned explanation, one person at a time.


  2. True to Jerry you are on target… We need to stay focused on the BIG Picture; what is BEST for our Scouts!
    Thanks for being a clamming force in the troubled times.


    1. I am not sure what or who they use. I know that they used to just leave it up to the CO’s. I am sure that has changed.. and I am all for it. I have not seen a detailed description of the background check.


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