Gear Pick of the Week

This weeks gear pick is not really a piece of gear that floats around in my pack.  This week I want to review the most essential part backpacking gear.. My boots.
I had to get new boots before the Philmont trek and boots are one of those things that I get real picky on.  Like I said they are the most essential piece of backpacking gear.  Now, I know that there is a trend these days to wear trail runners or just plain running shoes or cross trainers on the trail, but when it comes to putting lots of miles with your pack on the trail, a good pair of boots, in my opinion, can’t be beat.
So, while we were getting ready for the Philmont trip I shopped around for a pair of boots that would meet all of my needs.
1.  Comfort.  2.  Stability, I have aging knees and ankles and need a boot that is going to carry me. and 3. Light weight.
The boots that I found, the Keen Gypsum mid hiking boots.

Here is the number one thing to remember when buying your next set of hiking boots. TRY THEM ON AND WALK IN THEM.
I went to my local REI and tried on about 10 different pair of boots.  Walked up and down the stairs in them and even that little fake rock thingy they have.  The Keen Gypsum mid hiking boot met all my criteria.
The boot is durable.  I like the leather and breathable material mix.  It is waterproof, but still allows the foot to breath.  The sole of the boot was a big selling point for me.  The heel stabilizers and the sturdy mid sole keep the foot balanced.  For those of you that have crossed Tooth ridge you know how those rocks are.  The boot never gave and my knees and ankles weathered the hike with ease.
The design and construction of the boot is second to none.  Keen really put a lot of thought into this one.  The toe cap is a great idea, especially when walking through the rocks and bushwacking.
They are super comfortable and my feet feel great in them.  I wore these boots at Philmont with both sock liners and wool socks and with out sock liners and I never got blisters or hot spots in the boot.  The upper most lace stay is metal.  I like that.  I did break my boot laces but that is no big deal.
Here are the specs on the Keen Gypsum Mid Hiking Boot.
The Mid hiking boot goes over the ankle.
It is a lace up closure boot and is waterproof.
The boots upper is made of Waterproof nubuck leather.
The boots lining is KEEN.DRY waterproof breathable membrane/polyester.
The Gypsums support comes from Thermoplastic urethane shank/hard EVA ESS plate in the mid sole and sole.
The outer sole is a non marking rubber.
Weight: 2 lbs 4 oz. but they don’t feel that heavy to me.
They retail for $140
So that’s my pick of the week and the boots that I wear.  I love them.
Tell us what you wear while on the trail.  I am interested in hearing what keeps you moving and your feet happy.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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