We’re Back….

I will go into greater detail on the trip to Philmont in a later post… But I wanted to get a note out to let everyone know that we are back from Philmont with a ton of great memories and a longing to return to Scouting’s Paradise.
My initial thoughts are these:
First.  An incredible experience.  The BSA and the Philmont staff make sure that you have a great Philmont experience.  What you do on the trek is up to you and your crew, but I assure you that your planning, training, and committment to having a great time is up to you.  Philmont does their part.
If you are planning a trek for next summer… start now with your planning and training.  Communicate with Philmont, they are great in responding to your questions, needs, and concerns.
Train.  Train.  Train.  Latch on to a unit that has been to Philmont recently.  Find out how they handled their meals.  We learned late in the trek about dumping things that are not going to get eaten.  Every staff camp has the “Swap box”.. this is a great opportunity to trade food and dump the food that you are not going to use.  That equals weight.  Caution!!  Do not allow your Scouts to dump food for the sake of dumping weight… you will know pretty early in the trip what they like and don’t like…  It will be pretty much the same stuff you like… they need the food to get through the trek.. weight is important, but not worth sacrificing a meal.
Order meals from Philmont.  You can do this from their web site.  Read more about trail meals here.
I am a big fan of the Stinger Honey wafers.. yum!
Practice hanging bear bags.
Practice with the crews as they will they will be configured at Philmont.  Adults.. GET OUT OF THE WAY.. you are their for a cool hike.
Order sectional maps from the Tooth of Time traders!  The map that they send you is great and you will need to bring it with you.  It will be the map that your crew leader marks up at Logistics… DO NOT LEAVE IT AT HOME.  The sectional maps are more detailed and may get you out of a pinch on the trail.
Arrive at Philmont with no expectation of your experience or your crew.  In so far as your experience.  Let the mountain take you.  Open your eyes, your heart, and your mind and your Philmont experience will be fantastic.  Expect too much and you may let yourself down.. Philmont won’t.
As for your crew.  They will amaze you with how much they learn and how they grow.
Absorb the Philmont spirit.  It will talk to you from the time you pass through the gateway till the time you take that glance over your shoulder and glance at Arrowhead rock.
I will write more later on our Philmont experience.  I am also available for questions.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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