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The ‘Camp’ Speech

Last night at our Troop meeting I gave my annual Summer Camp talk with the Scouts.  This is never a popular talk with the parents because I kind of go against the grain when it comes to conventional wisdom regarding … Continue reading

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The other night at our weekly Troop meeting we did something really out of the ordinary.  The Scouts did their thing.. that was normal.. but we held a parent meeting and then Parent break outs for the Scouts going to … Continue reading

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Messengers of Peace

Timely. As some of you may know, but now you all will… My oldest son, John, the Eagle Scout made a huge decision recently to put college on hold and follow in his Dad’s footsteps and join the Army.  Not … Continue reading

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Oregon and Youth Protection

The BSA’s response to the Oregon Supreme Courts recent decision on ineligible Volunteer files. There should never be a cover up, and we want those that are sick enough to engage in this activity to be punished severely.  Further, we … Continue reading

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Prepared. For Life

As everyone that reads this blog knows, the BSA’s new(er) slogan is as the title reads… “Prepared.  For Life”.   I have often stayed away from advertising gimmicks and jingles.. “An Army of One”, and “Be all that you can Be” … Continue reading

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Scout leaders at Camp

Scouting Magazine’s blog, Bryan on Scouting recently posted an article discussing 25 ways Scouters can make the most of Summer Camp. I found it interesting some of the comments made, by and large, they were spot on.  I thought this … Continue reading

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Independence Day

**CAUTION- THIS MAY COME ACROSS AS A RANT.** The two subjects that cause the most argument and trouble historically are those of religion and politics.  I try to steer clear of both.  Not because I lack opinions in those matters, … Continue reading

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