Yesterday I blogged about the ‘reasons’ that I have been away from the blog and podcast.  Trending comments and emails would suggest that something is wrong over here in Jerryland.. and while life has its struggles in all of us.  Things are just fine.
It seems though that there is an overwhelming amount of posts these days that suggest that we need a break sometimes, have a need to step away or down.  And while I agree that, yes we need to take a break I don’t believe that stepping away from things is always right.  My Friend Scouter Adam posted recently about going Beyond Gilwell.  In his post he listed his priorities.  And for the most part I concur with his list.
My family comes first and always will.  My Wife and kids are the center of my universe.   Scouting is a big part in our family.  So the two rarely conflict.  Yes, an occassional celebration or anniversary, but by and large Scouting is our way of life.  A family that try to live by the principles outlined in the Oath and Law.
My Troop is part of that family, so I try not to throw them in a separate category.
Obviously living the Law asks me to be loyal to my employer.  Fortunately I have a job that once I am off the clock, I am off the clock.  I can’t bring the big brown truck home with me.  I am a good employee and work hard.  My job allows me the opportunity to do the things with my family that I wish to do.
Unit levels beyond the unit are not a priority to me.  I participate, but make little effort to make things outside of my unit a priority.  I am on the training team, I am on the committee, but everything else takes priority and Scouting above my unit will always get bumped for other things in my life.
This blog is a priority of mine in that it allows me to sit with my thoughts and express myself.  I hope it helps, but at the end of the day, it really is for me to document my Scouting experience, life lessons, and help deliver that promise that is a priority in my life.
So reading all the blogs that suggest we ‘take the summer off’ or step away or down I conclude that it’s not for me.  Our Troop does not take the summer off.  Our families are still there in the summer.  Life goes on during the summer and all year-long.  There is no need to take the summer off.. there is a need to evaluate priorities and remember what is most important to you.
Scouting is important to me.  It is a passion of mine and I can’t step away from it…. as much as I will never step away from my family.
Vacation is coming up and our family will have a great time… then it’s off to Philmont!
Ok.. enough rambling from me.  Bottom line is this…
Have a Great Scouting Day!


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