Honesty the best policy?

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It appears that I am the one that loves to stir up the hornet’s nest on occasion.
This week I posted on a subject that has received mixed feelings.  Most agree with what I said, some did not.  I can live with that.  I have since talked with parents and Scouters alike and got feedback on the “Skinny” issue.
Here is what I know for sure.
Honest is the best policy.  If you are not good with that.  Stop reading my blog today.  I will not lie to you.
If the truth hurts your feelings.  Stop reading my blog today.  I will not sugar coat the issues.
As a Scoutmaster it is my duty to prepare young men for the world that is ahead of them.  A partner with parents, clergy, teachers, sages, mentors, counselors, and yeah.. even the government.  Life is tough and we only make it tougher when we don’t tell the truth to these young men.
Lets be honest.  In my “Get skinny” post did I write anything untrue?  Did I call anyone a name or abuse a Scout in any way, shape, or form?  Nope.  I simply pointed out that young people today are fat and its our fault.
Go ahead.. argue that point.  They are not born fat.  They are conditioned to be that way by the way they are raised.  Eating habits, excercise habits etc.
But to some of the readers out there.. Honesty is not the best policy.  They would rather keep their collective heads in the sand and the awful spinning of the world will just go away.
It is so much easier to take the easy way out, but then what do you accomplish?  This rule applies in every part of your life.
When I was a kid.. OH NO!  “When I was a Kid again!!!
Yes.. when I was a kid my Dad tought me that anything worth doing was worth doing right the first time.  Yep, Dad had all the “Dadisms” down.  But the truth is… they all work in life.
He also taught us that honest was the best policy and we grew up in a manner that we could not tolerate dishonesty.  And to this day I can not tolerate it.  I will never accept it.  I will not accept those that think it is the best way to teach, train, coach, and mentor either.  It is my business.  And yep.. I am qualified to tell the truth.  Who says so.. The Scout Oath and Law.. and that’s all I need to back me up.
So is Honesty your best policy? 
Sometimes I am criticised because of my honest approach.  At times, when I tell it like it is, people confuse that with me trying to be hurtful or rude.  Not the case at all.  When you break it down, it’s always just about the truth.  The problem comes when we are talking with people who are not used to what we used to call Candor.
When they here the words come and it hits home or is not “PC” they cringe and find a good size hole to stick their heads in to.  They come back with, “You can’t say that”.  Why not?
I am not racist, sexist, or homophobic.  I believe in live and let live and to each his own.  But just do it honestly.  I don’t have to agree with certain life styles, ways of life, political beliefs, religious convictions, or weird hair styles.  Tolerance is all one can ask.  Living the Golden Rule is the guide that should be applied.  If I offer advice or coaching, then it is because I think that you need it.  If you don’t, then move on.  It was free and did not waste to much of your time.  If it helped, you are welcome, the price is the same and I am glad I can help.
I am not an expert in much, but I know what I know and am a constant learner.  I try to be the best man that I can be to my wife, my kids, the rest of my family, my Scouts, and the people who I make contact with daily.
Honesty is the best policy.  For me, and for you.
I consider myself a good person.  I consider my life one of service.  I love to serve and I love to see Scouts learn and grow.  I love to watch as they master tasks, develop into good citizens, and see their character shine.
They can not do that if we are not honest with them.  When they fail.. we need to tell them they failed.  When they have success, we need to pat them on the back and tell them they are a success.  Not everyone wins, and life does not hand out participation ribbons.  Life is hard and they need to be ready.
You can take a stand offish role in their lives, be a once a week Scoutmaster and a chaperone on the next outing.  To me that’s not enough and if you spent a weekend with my troop, you would see that this is the prevailing mind-set.  The Assistant Scoutmasters and I all believe in delivering the promise and that means giving 100% to these young men.
I do not apologize for having passion for Scouting and understanding my role in it.
Once again.  You have the option to stop reading the blog if Honesty is not the best policy.
I would love to know what you think.  Leave a comment here on the blog or shoot me an email.  Those of you that do know that I return the mail and love the discussion.. honestly.
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. MOst people are so self centered and care only for what they want in the moment…they can;t even develop plans to achieve a goal in the future. I agree with you….if you can’t be known as an honest person….if your word is NOT gold….then you are missing the walk.


  2. Great post!! I loved your “Get Skinny” post and appreciate this one too. Couldn’t agree more about every part of this perspective and wish people got back to thinking this way!


  3. Hey Jerry – I agree 100% with everything that you have written above! I’ve learned the hard way that anything other than honesty just doesn’t work – in the short run or the long run. At one time, I tried to be “PC” – but eventually just got tired of the molly-coddling rhetoric. Some call me old-fashioned, others stuck in my ways. I’m an SM and tell my scouts that I value honesty above all else and will work with them on any problem that they have. I also tell them that I expect them to be honest with me.
    At the beginning of the year, we had a small group of parents break away from the troop and started a new troop. They didn’t like the way that I ran the troop – or more to the point that I didn’t run the troop. We are an almost completely scout-led troop now. They didn’t like that I was honest with their sons when I needed to be. They didn’t like that the scouts were making all of the decisions. It’s been tough, but our current group of Scouts are doing a good job and I’m very proud of them. The parents that left the troop (with sons in tow) wanted to be pc and were helicopter parents and thought that the adults needed to be more involved. From what we hear, it sounds like their troop is now a webelos 3 unit.
    So “good on ya, mate” – keep up the good work and thank you very much for all that you are doing for your troop, your community and the larger Scouting Community with this blog. Most of my ASM’s read it and we discuss it every week!


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