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Over the Edge

Ok, so before everyone gets completely tired of hearing about the Over the Edge fund Raiser.. let me do one or two more posts on it and then we will call it good. Yesterday I went over the edge for … Continue reading

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Going All in

Our Scouts like to play card games.  In their tents.. on picnic tables.. when ever we stop for an extended period of time, it seems that a deck of cards come out.  Now, they are not gambling, no money exchanges hands, and … Continue reading

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Wilderness First Aid

Well, I completed more training today.  Yep… can never have enough training.  But today I completed a Wilderness First Aid course.  Two reasons for the training.  First, it is a requirement for each crew on a Philmont trek to have … Continue reading

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Values drive behavior

Today I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, the Dennis Prager Show.  I was listening to an older show in which he was talking about values, which, if you listen to his show for more than 10 minutes … Continue reading

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Yesterday I blogged about the ‘reasons’ that I have been away from the blog and podcast.  Trending comments and emails would suggest that something is wrong over here in Jerryland.. and while life has its struggles in all of us.  … Continue reading

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Excuses… Excuses..Tweet

June 11th…my twins graduated from High School… June 12th my oldest son enlisted in the United States Army… June 13th my daughter takes off on an adventure with girlfriends to LA for a week to celebrate their graduation… June 14th … Continue reading

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The rabbit comes out of the hole.. goes around the tree.. and back into the hole.. now pull… It’s a bowline. Its that simple. That simple to teach, that simple to do. And it’s a knot that every Scout must … Continue reading

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