My Son, the Eagle Scout

Tonight my son was presented his Eagle Scout Award. I can not express in words how very proud I am of him.  Over the past 11 years him and I have been on a great adventure.  At times the trail was rocky and hard to navigate.  At other times the trail was smooth and wonderful to pass.
Over the past couple days we have been gathering the memories of his Scouting career.  He had a great experience in Scouting and I am glad that I was able to come along.
This video is the presentation that we showed at the Court of Honor tonight.  After the video he was given the Eagle Challange and Charge and repeated the Eagle Oath.  This was presented by my father, John’s Opa and our Troops Eagle Mentor.  He was presented his Eagle Certificate by my father in law, an Eagle Scout.  The voices you hear in the video are my wife (John’s mom), his twin sister, and me.  John’s brother, currently a Life Scout was the master of ceremonies.  There was a great crowd of Scouts, Scouters, family, and friends in attendance.  I am a little biased, but it was one of the finest Eagle ceremonies I have seen.  John delivered a wonderful speech about his Scouting experience and thanked many people for helping him along the way.
Enjoy the video.  I am so proud of this young man, he’s the kind of young man you would love to have as your son… but he’s mine and I am proud.


  1. Many congratulations to John. I know that he must have worked very hard to become an Eagle Scout and you and your family are right to be proud of him.



  2. Congratulations to John and to you and your family, too. I know there were trying time along the path, but in the end John saw the values that Scouting had given him and he, with lots of help, obtained his goal.
    Take a breath and enjoy this moment !

    Again, Congratulations


  3. Super! Love that so many family members could be involved. Congratulations to John – now he can encourage other scouts by letting them see that Eagle patch on his uniform at troop functions.


  4. Congratulations to John, as well as to you, your wife, and the rest of your family! Good job, but keep up the good work (& encourage his younger brother along the way).


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