Cause I’m Shameless

Hey all… this may put you over the edge with my blog.. but I refuse to keep asking till I get what Scouting needs.. Money!
A few weeks back I asked for donations for our Council’s fundraiser “OVER THE EDGE”.  There are two things at play here.  First and foremost the Boy Scouts get much needed money in the bank.  That money will assist Scouts that can’t seem to put the funds together in getting camp.  It will improve our Scout camps and help Scouters like me get the needed support from the Council service center.  Second, and maybe more important, if I raise the money I get to rappel off the 2nd tallest building in the state!  I will get to Go Over the Edge for Scouting!
Now, here is the shameless part.. I ain’t to proud to beg!  I have only raised $635 so far.. I need $1,800 more!  I need your help.
I want to thank all of you that have already donated and supported the fundraiser.  I really appreciate it.  But folks $635 does not get me over that edge.
If you would like.. go ahead and click this link right now and help me out… go on.. I’ll wait right here… OVER THE EDGE.
Ok.. for those of you that just clicked that link and donated.. Thank you very much.  For the rest of you, I hope you can find it in your heart to help.
I am running out of time.. the event is June 29th and all donations need to be in to the Council by early June.
I’m not asking.. I’m begging!  Help a Scoutmaster go over the edge!
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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